Monday, June 3, 2013

Pizzaz No Limit Tanks, Special Edition Speed Shorts and Inspire Crops, and More

New Pizazz No Limit tank and white Gather and Crow crops (top).

New Cool Breeze/Multi Groovy Stripe No Limit Tank.

New Raspberry Glo Light and Pizazz Swiftlys. Shown on the bottom are new Special Edition Speed shorts with a higher waistband and a waterproof zip back pocket.

Special Edition Inspire crops  in solid black with a waterproof zipper pocket.

New Mod Moves SS tops in Aquamarine and Power Purple.

The new Multi Groovy Stripe headbands.


Anonymous said...

They are releasing pics of headbands but not CRB's, what's wrong with this picture? CRB's will not see the light of day.

Oh sure, Swiftly tank in pizazz but no CRB.

This company is SO beyond annoying now!

I just bought Honey Girl swim shorts for hot yoga and some water sports. Made in USA. Bye Bye LLL.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried Oiselle?

Just discovered their Roga Short. Nice so far; hubby thinks they make my legs look great, comfortable; 1/2 inch shorter than Groovy Run Shorts.

Anonymous said...

I feel the pinkelious run has been wayyyyy too short! Boooooo! Although RG is lovely! I bet they meant to release the vinyasa this summer!

I'm happy that I don't like anything here as my wallet has taken a hit with the voyager and runbeam hoodies!

Unless there is a surprise vinyasa then il be safe!

Anonymous said...

I have old school Oiselle (circa 2010) and find that Rogas chafe :( Like their Luxe long sleeves and comfy Ts :)

Anonymous said...

i feel this is going to be the first $300+ shopping week in a long time

Maggie said...

Anon @ 5:06, I want to add to the Oiselle love! Their roga shorts are BY FAR my favorite shorts ever. Lulu's speed shorts don't fit me right and are just so darn short... I've bought four pairs of rogas in the last month and I find myself choosing them first before anything else I own. They're absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I have two pairs of oiselle run crops and have had them for about 2-3 yrs...they are comfortable for shorter runs but are both 100% polyester and have bagged out considerably over time. I will wear them but don't reach for them (have never tried their shorts though).

Cassie Jo - Tofuscloset said...

Awwww was the swiftly tank not released in the USA??

Anonymous said...

I love Oiselle! I have 3 pairs of their shorts. I haven't had any chafing issues. I bought them before I got into Lulu, so it's been a while since I got them. The only thing, it's hard to run in them for long distances because they don't have the 3 pockets that my Speed shorts have, so no place to put Gu, just a key pocket. I do like the fabric, and a pair of crops I have are very soft and comfy with no shine or sheerness. It's a local (for me, Seattle) company that was started by two very good runners. I have a couple tops, and they are comfy and cute. Overall, an excellent company with some really nice products.