Sunday, June 30, 2013

NEW Cool Racerback Colors Hitting US Stores

From a Texas store - Spry Blue Twin Stripes, Solid Spry Blue (want), Black Twin Stripes Black, and solid Soot (maybe want).

Performance Report: Runbeam LS First Wearing

View of the Huntington Beach Pier along the beach path.
Since it was supposed to be hot and sunny today I did my long run (7 miles) at the beach today hoping to avoid the heat and maybe the sun. I shadowed my husband's run group which runs in Huntington Beach on Sundays. I got a nice sunburn from a training run I did at 2 pm last week so I wore my new Power Purple Runbeam LS and Take Flight Bike shorts. I also wore my new favorite run hat, the Aquamarine Sun Chaser. The starting temp for the run was about 70 degrees (according to my car) and by the time I was done it was  80. The humidity was at like a million percent (ok, 77%) and the sun was out. There was a slight wind. It was a stinking hot and sweaty run. I was pretty happy overall with the performance, fit, and feel of the Runbeam LS. The LS Runbeam seems to run a bit narrower and slightly longer than the SS so I didn't get quite the airflow up my belly I get with my White/Aquamarine SS Runbeam:

Power Purple Runbeam LS on top of the White/Aquamarine SS Runbeam
The wind was at my back for the first half of my run so I didn't get the benefit of evaporative cooling on the way out but when I turned around the shirt was decently cool. You can especially feel the breeze through the mesh panels on the  inside of the arm and armpit area.  As the sun got more intense I also appreciated the sun hitting the shirt instead of my skin. However, when I didn't feel a breeze I was pretty hot but my husband said it was a hot day for a run so I don't know how much cooler I would have felt if I had worn my typical Swiftly tank. All in all, I really liked the shirt and I think I am going to get the White/Cool Breeze one, too.

I like the Power Purple a lot but it does show sweat. The good thing is if you sweat a lot the entire shirt just darkens.  ;-)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Try On Reviews: Track and Train Tank, Fast Track Tank, and Athletic Deep V Tank

I had an experience at the lululemon store today that I haven't had in what seems like years - wanting to buy three different tank styles. I really liked the Train and Train, Fast Track, and new Athletic Deep V tanks.

The Fast Track Tank was probably my favorite of the three but only by a hair. I think the Nimbus striped one is the standout of the color offerings but I did like the Cool Breeze/Power Purple one a lot, too. The black side panels on the Nimbus one are very visually slimming. The Fast Track is a good tank for bustier women - roomy and the neckline isn't too low but not chokingly high. The racerback is very comfortable and decently supportive. I agree with the support rating of medium for this. I thought the fit was a figure hugging true to size. It's a flattering tank and I don't think I've run across a photo yet where it didn't look nice. All in all, it's a great choice for your workouts. I seriously thought about getting this but my workouts have shifted more towards running and I have a closet full of tanks to wear to the gym. However, I am not ruling out adding this to my collection.

Track and Train Tank

Top Speed Tank
I also liked the Track and Train tank a lot. I still don't understand why this tank isn't called the Top Speed II tank. Other than being a little more fitted through the midsection I can't see how it differs much from last summer's Top Speed tank. Once again, I think the standout in the collection is the Nimbus Striped one. This tank fits a bit looser through the belly than the Fast Track tank. I think it's another good choice for bustier women though this tank is lower cut and you will show cleavage when you bend over. The straps have elastic inside so are decently supportive and I really like the open back. I have a Top Speed Tank from last year in Black Swan so didn't feel compelled to get this but if the right color or print comes out I would get another one.

I was super curious to try on the new Athletic Deep V and I really liked it. The fit seems similar to the old style. The biggest changes are the midsection is now made of luon light and the mesh is the softer stretchy mesh instead of the older scratchy power mesh. The tank is also quite a bit longer than the older version. All in all, I really liked it and if the right color or print comes out I would get one. I think the fit is true to size, unlike the older version which was a size up tank for a lot of people.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Arriving in US Stores - Mod Dot Energy Bra, Soot Cool Racerback, and Iconic Wrap

I was going to pass on the Mod Dot Energy bra but I am really liking how it looks in these photos. I also like the Soot Cool Racerback a lot. I need to try on the Iconic Wrap. I've passed on earlier versions of this but I always look at them on ebay. The Speed shorts are also new.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Try On Reviews: Runbeam LS, Mod Waves Cool Racerback, Compass Pant, Amped Tank, and Play All Day Shorts

I got my Runbeam LS today. The fit is similar to the Runbeam SS (which I own and love) - TTS, a bit snug across the chest, loose through the waist and hits me about hipbone height (I'm 5'5"). The upper arms are on the snug side but that is nothing out of the ordinary for lulu. The bottom is not hip hugging so air can flow up there during your run (at least that is what happens to me when I run in the SS version). The thickness and weight of the material seems very similar to the Run in the Sun LS I picked up at the Sea Wheeze last year.

I tried on the Mod Waves Cool Racerback last week at the store and really liked it. I swear someone commented in here that it ran small but I thought the fit was very similar to a CRB. The neckline is a bit higher and the length a little shorter which I don't particularly love about the design but I do love the mesh sides and back - it felt very cool on in the store. My store only had the black when I tried it last week but I am hoping that the US will get the Raspberry/Black version that Canada did. I think the only improvement I would make in this is to change the front panel to luxtreme so the tank is similar to the Right Round tank that came out last summer. It's one of my all time favorite tanks to wear for a sweaty workout. I love to wear it for running on the treadmill at the gym because it is so cool. If you like the CRB for running but find it a bit hot in the summer you definitely want to check the Mod Waves CRB out.

I tried on the new Compass pant. I thought they were fit very similar to one of my recent favorite buys, the Root Chakra pant. They have the same higher wide waistband, have a fitted though generous cut through the rear and leg (so a nice choice for ladies with junk in the trunk or more athletic legs), and the super cute 7/8 length (though it's more like a 15/16 length on me). The luon in these pants felt nice, too. I am into these 7/8 length pants lately and the Root Chakra and Coast to Class are two of my favorites.

I thought the Amped Tank fit on the snugger side, particularly the bra portion. I am not a fan of tanks made of swift in the first place since I imagine the sweat shows very visibly and the material sticks to you when you get wet. This was an easy pass for me.

I tried on the Play All Day shorts in the black color. I had read the blacks fit a little larger than the other colors and the fit was very generous. I found the shorts way too short for me but they did seem comfortable. I know many people are loving them but a few have had issues with the elastic poking them.

I wish lululemon would come out with a looser fitting luon short like the Relaxed Fit short or the Knockout short. Those are my go-to hot weather shorts.

Knockout Shorts - HTF on ebay and always sell for a higher price

Pizazz Fast Track Tank and More

The Fast Track tank with either the Track Attack crops or Fast Track shorts. The tank seems to be flattering in nearly every photo.

Track and Train tank. I really like the Nimbus striped version of both the Track and Train and Fast Track tanks.

Athletic Deep V Tank.

Raspberry Glo Clam Digger Crops, White CRB, White Off the Court Jacket.

Runbeam LS with Track Attack crop or Fast Track short.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More of the Latest

More Fast Track tank photos.

Cool Breeze/White Swiftly SS

Cool Breeze Swiftly tank and Track Attack crops. This swiftly fit a little smaller than the Pizzaz and Raspberry glo that is out now.

More Runbeam LS photos.

Bandha bra and Groove Shorts.

Festival Bag in Love Red and Sizzle

Men's Core Short in Camo