Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Ebb and Flow tank with Power Purple Om Pants.

More of the Ignite Crops


Anonymous said...

To add to the conversation from the "upload" post, I'd go so far as to say that lulu is not just trying to rebrand and market to the too-old-for-ivivva-but-younger-than-25 crowd, but I think they're trying to wash their hands of the loyal lulu faithful altogether.

I came in around March of 2012, so I can't consider myself part of the old lulu crowd. It has been fascinating trying to figure out their business model. though.

That stunt they pulled with targeting the exchange and discussion groups...They know these groups do nothing but provide free advertising, but to me it appears they're trying to piss off this faction intentionally.

It must be really hard to build up this new market in this new age group when every item on the website has reviews going off on the obvious decline in quality. I don't think it's "growing pains" - they can't possibly mass-produce clothing and maintain quality. They have to cycle out the old lulu faithful and cultivate a following that doesn't know any better and that's not influenced by the opinions of those who do.

Everything's so juvenile. I'm 31, and between the color combos and the prints, there is precious little I can see myself wearing these days even compared to a year ago when I started getting into it.

They know exactly what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Lulumum has a picture of a very cool new pattern in an Energy Bra called Groovy Stripe Nimbus! If it comes in a CRB, Wunder Under, Clarity scarf or even a Scuba, my wallet is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

That Stripe Nimbus print has way too much white to make a not-see-through pant! I was so wishing the print in WU or any other tights/crops. but now tha I have seen it in the bra, I do not think I want it in bottoms.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:22AM I think you are right... just read the last review posted for the In The Flow Crop, titled "PERFECT crops to SWEAT in!"

If I could click 10 times the "no" for the review being helpful, I absolutely would. Sorry but that is a really ridiculous "review", but this is the people lululemon is after. Sadly there are many of them out there.

Anonymous said...