Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Try On Review: Beach Runner Crop, V-Neck Swiftly, Mile a Minute Tank

I tried on both these pieces today - the Aquamarine Beach Runner crops and the Swifly V-neck. I liked the Beach Runners a lot. You don't have to tie them on the outside - they have slits so you can pull the waistband through to the inside. There are no waist pockets, though. I might consider these for spin, treadmill runs, or shorter runs around my neighborhood when I don't carry a phone, keys, or shot blocks. I thought they fit TTS and as seems to be the case with the wee space prints they seemed stretchier and less compressive than regular luxtreme. I only tried on the wee space version. They weren't as sheer as I expected for light-colored crops. I had on black underwear and could see a shadow when I was standing up but they weren't too bad at all. If these hit the markdown racks I would definitely consider getting a pair.

I also tried on the V-neck swiftly tee. I had to try on the next size down which fit pretty good in the body but was tight in arms so I'd say these are TTS. I like it but I rarely wear my short sleeve Swiftlys so I left it at the store. The striped ones had a different feel than regular swiftlys, more texture than normal.

I also tried on the Mile a Minute tank. I really liked it. Unfortunately it stops at a ten so it fit me a bit small in the bust but was roomy enough through the belly. I wish these went up to a twelve. The straps have extra elastic inside for more support. It's a very cute tank.

I ended up getting the new Pinkelicious Energy bra. I tried on the Very Green but decided I could live without it. The Aquamarine is also very pretty but I have the very similar Angel Blue Energy. However, if the Energy is going to come in Kayak or Beach Blanket, I think I'll need one.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fit report, I am also liking those beach runner crops, the mile a minute tank and the new v neck swiftly tops. and yes if the energy comes out in the beach blanket color I will get one right away.