Thursday, April 25, 2013

Aquamarine vs. Caspian, Aruba, Fresh Teal, and Angel Blue

 Caspian Swiftly vs. Aquamarine Cool Racerback.

 Caspian Swiftly, Aquamarine Cool Racerback, Heathered Angel Blue Cool Racerback. 

 Caspian Swiftly, Aruba Revitalize SS Tee, Aquamarine Cool Racerback.

Fresh Teal Cool Racerback (dug out of the laundry basket so extra wrinkly)  and Aquamarine Cool Racerback.

I got my Aquamarine Cool Racerback today. It's very similar to the Fresh Teal one, on the soft side and not super sheer. It's definitely a keeper for me.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the Aquamarine CRB in store today and passed. It's subtle but it didn't win me over. It is soft, imo. Parfait pink CRB, what's the point of this one, it just looks dirty, like it was white with a bleeder in the wash.

I DID leave with the Pop Orange CRB which may go back. It's a nice bright one but maybe edging too much to fluorescent, I see now that I have it home (and out of store lights). It is soft. We'll see.

Store had a lot of the same items from wmtm on markdown. Same prices except for that Warm Up Crew which was $69 haha. Sucks if you bought it and didn't know how cheap it was on-line...but I thought on-line and in store were now supposed to match? Anyway.

Anonymous said...

It was probably just miss marked in your store. It rings up $29.

Anonymous said...

the aquamarine CRB did not do it for me, but I already own the swiftly in the aquamarine. I also have a lot of angel blue stuff. the pink one was really soft, but I am not a big bright big fan when it comes to tops bras underwear etc. I can do pink.
thanks for the comparisons.


Anonymous said...

The online sales and in store ones are NEVER the same at the store in my city. The store I go to has had all colours of the power up tank on sale for 29 dollars for over a week, and they are regular price online.

lulu5coats said...

At one store in Austin, they matched the online the other store, they wouldn't match.

Am I the only one who thinks the Parfait Pink Wunder Unders Make that girl look naked??

Anonymous said...

Thanks LLA for posting these. I'm still mourning for a caspian blue CRB....oh well. Aquamarine will have to do for now.