Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tame Me Tank and Stash and Dash Pullover Photos

Shown with a Free to Be bra
Shown with Pace crops
Shown with Dune Gingham Wunder Unders and Forme Jacket.

Faded Zap, Fresh Teal, and Pop Orange Tame Me Tanks. I read a fit review that says this fits the same as last year's version.

Shown with Pace Tights

Shown with Work It Out Pants
Shown with Inspire Crops

Shown with Very Green Pace crops

Also shown is the Petite Dot Groovy Run Shorts

Stash and Dash Pullover photos. It looks cute but I wish it was $60 cheaper.


DesertGirl said...

Is the tame me tank a size down item?

Anonymous said...

I like the tame me tank, but I'm just not feeling any of the colors... I hope it'll come out in more colors.

Anonymous said...

Picked up my tame me tank today in pop orange :) love the color and love the style...and the fact that I can put my own choice of sports bra underneath.

I'd say this is TTS. It's slightly looser top...so if you size down it would be more fitted. I went with a 2.
2 was loose, 4 was looser in the waist. 2 around the chest was perfect (no Puckering of material and no extra material hanging loose in the front ) 4 was baggy around the chest.

This tank you need to consider your chest size as well since it's fitted up top.

Really loving the "empire-wasit" like style. Hoping to add one more colour that I like!

Faded zap is very bright...almost like neon.
Fresh teal/wagon strip was just ok. It didn't make me excited to see. I also have a mint moment crb so didn't really need that!
For reference : 2 CRBs, 4 flow y, free 2 be, run:engage bra...but energy bra and the other new sports bras don't fit me! They are all too big in size 4.

Jackie said...

I went to my local LL last night to check out the Stash and Dash, I LOVE it! It's now mine :). I also wanted to check out the Run Pace Crop. I didn't even have to try them on to see how sheer they are. I could see my fingers right through them. :(.

Anonymous said...

Holy bleeding eyeballs. That combination of Faded Zap stash and dash, Fresh Teal crops, and Pop Orange tank is an optical WMD. I might just love it.

Anonymous said...

How orange is pop orange? Is it a bright true orange or a bright light orange? Running a race this summer on our team with team colors of true orange and black. Wanna be true to the team but cute. ;)

LuluAddict said...

Pop Orange is very bright, kind of like a construction cone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, LLA! I might have to get the PO TMT when it goes online. :)