Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Rise and Shine Run Pant and More

Cute combo - Beach Runner Jacket with the Proceed with Speed Crops.

I notice in quite a few photos that this jacket seems to pull across the shoulders/upper chest when this jacket is zipped all the way up. The web models don't seem to have this problem so maybe a lot of the ladies are sizing down in this jacket for the photos.

I forgot to point these out yesterday - new Rise and Shine run pant. I like the looser bottom.

The new bonded Wunder Unders and Rejuvenate pullover.

The Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe Cool Racerback, shown with Inkwell Inspire crops.

The Ebb and Flow bra with Work It Out pants.

More Work It Out Pant photos.


Anonymous said...

From the pictures of the new seamless bra, I have the impression it might be very comfortable, but won't really shape my breast nicely under tight fitting tank. I have similar bras from Athleta and Lucy, and wear them at home, but never to gym or run, as they do nothing for me. I'm 34B but I like my bras to lift them a bit and given them a more round shape. Seamless bra do not do that.

Unknown said...

Meh... None of this is really tempting for me at all. The jacket looks kind of cute in the pic of the woman running outside, but I'd never spend $128 on it. Is it just a luon "jacket" or is it wind/ water resistant?

The Inkwell run tights look cute - except that the thin band at the top of them is creating some wicked muffin top on a thin girl. I can only imagine how that would look on someone with less than toned love handles. Pass!

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me (online only shopper) what that new jacket shown in this post, Beach Runner, is good for? I believe someone said the fabric is thin and like divers' neoprene wet suits (to repel water?). I'm woderimg because I see the model in this post jogging in the snow with ths "Beach" Runner jacket.

RunLikeTheWind said...

Good photo of the ocean stripe CRB. Looks blue sometimes, green sometimes. Mine should come in the mail today, yay!
I am becoming more interested in those Pace crops. They look substantial and thick.
The beach jackets don't do a thing for me. My closet is full of half-zip Nike pullovers.
All the bleached coral items seem so happy, what a lovely, optimistic color that is :)

susan said...

Just came back from the store to try on a few things. I like the feel of the Beach Runner jacket but not for $128! It is very soft and stretchable but it's thin/light weight and definitely not wind/water repellant. I also don't like the color blocking. I find it fit TTS - I am a 8 in all tops and 10 in most jackets and the 8 in this fit just right.
Tried on the pace skirt. I am a 6 in pacesetter and the 6 in pace was too big. The waistband, being 2 piece, does nothing to hold the skirt. It is very short and the back of the skirt flares out because of my behind. I think it will be nicer on someone who has smaller behind. I also tried a size down and it actually fits better but also shorter. They feel like a pair of shorts with an apron, and not a skirt with lining underneath.
I actually did like the Street to studio jacket! It's 2 layers and the fit is cute eventho it's somewhat cropped. I did have to size up to a 10 for a roomier fit. And it's "only" $98 - a steal compared to the other $100+ thin jackets/hoodies. I didn't buy it because the only color I like is inkwell and I already have the Uba softshell in inkwell. No need for 2 of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Man that Beach Runner Jacket is one ugly jacket!