Monday, March 4, 2013

NEW! Ebb and Flow Bra

Shown with Work It Out Pants and bonded seamed CRB in Faded Zap

Shown with new Ebb and Flows in Pop Orange(?)

New Ebb and Flow Bras are here. It's shown in Very Green, Pink? (maybe Bleached Coral?), Inkwell, and black.


Anonymous said...

Are ebb and flow bras supportive enough for running? Need help deciding what activity this is supportive enough for.

Anonymous said...

Dang, I loved last year's Ebb & Flow bra with the adjustable straps. My only suggested design change would've been to get rid of the ruching in the front because it shows through all of my tops and makes it look like my sternum has whiskers. But otherwise, the bra is insanely comfortable and the adjustable straps made it a much better fit for me than the Flow Y. Sad they've totally reworked it.

Anonymous said...

That bra probably has little support, the ebb and flow material is too stretchy and light to hold large breasts.