Friday, February 8, 2013

Pace Center Skirt and Special Edition Cool Racerback

Shown with a Bleached Coral Swiftly

Shown with the Special Edition Cool Racerback

 The Bleaced Coral Pace Setter

Shown with a Frond Pace Bra underneath
Shown with Frond Inspires
Shown with Frond Inspires
The Special Edition Bonded Cool Racerback. Shown in some photos with a Pace Bra and matching Inspire crops.


Anonymous said...

Any idea if the bleached coral pacesetter will be in regular length and not just tall? I was waiting for it this upload and was very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I have zero interest in all the clothes in the pics, Bleached Coral and Mellow Lemon CRB's aside (have them). Content to not spend.

Our Daily Lemon said...

Does no one else think that this SE CRB looks like a wetsuit?

Anonymous said...

I was also dissappointed that the BC pacesetter in regular length wasn't uploaded. I rushed out to buy the regular length at my local store, only to discover they only had tall ones (the product notice didn't say tall). Hoping it will be online this week!

Anonymous said...

@ Our Daily Lemon 6:58 PM, possibly. Except a wetsuit would be better looking!

I don't get this tank at all. Other than it's one of those 'throw it out there and see if people will buy it' items. I guess some people would think it is "slimming".

Our Daily Lemon said...

Maybe it's part of a new "scuba divers go to the gym" capsule.

luluFemom said...

Would certainly fit with that new pullover - the zipper is clearly wetsuit-inspired!

Anonymous said...

I received my order from Tuesday's upload and love the bleached coral Energy Bra and SL Swiftly. Although the tank is shorter, it seems that the fit is better proportioned than in the past. I wear a 10 in the SS and LS, but always sized down to an 8 in the SL because the chest/arm/straps were too big, but I feel it caused it to be a little tighter at the hem. I ordered the bleached coral in a 10 and the fit is perfect. I'm going to keep it and will have to wait to find out if it rides up. Looks great with the Energy Bra, too.

I also purchased the RFYL crops in spring has sprung and pink shell stripe. These are my favorite crops and I received a great pattern on the SHS waistband that will work back with many colors of tops. Not sure if I am keeping the pink shell strip as I now realized how much less versatile they will be.

It's still snowy and cold here and I am so looking forward to spring to wear my new crops and new tank!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

This post made me smile! The skirt photo with the mannequin is from my local store! :)