Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New For Men: Frond Pace Breaker (Run Response Short) and More

Two new versions of the Pace Breaker (formerly known as the Run: Response Short) Short with Frond. There is a solid version and a two-tone Inkwell/Frond version. New solid green Frond Pace Breaker Short (formerly known as Response shorts) and new two-tone Light As Air shorts in Inkwell/Frond. I like both. I think my husband is kind of excited to break out of the blue, gray, black mode with his shorts. His favorite pair of race shorts are Senorita Pink Run Responses so he's not afraid of color. Both versions are shown with the new Studio Tee in Inkwell.

New Metal Tech Vent in Frond and Inkwell Gingham Pace Breaker Shorts.

 New Metal Tech Vent Shorts. Frond and Inkwell, I think. It could be black, though.

It's interesting the men have the same exact color palette as the ladies, so you can match your significant other. Not that you'd normally want that but it looks cute in races if you are a couple that races together.


Eric said...

They are doing such a good job with the men's line. I want all these these shorts. I think the two toned ones are the light as air shorts (there is also a preview of red two toned on the AUS SIDE).

Thanks :)

Also which store has these shorts in? Hoping they reach ontario soon :)

Eric said...

I think the second pair of two toned are the light as air shorts. Either way do you think it's reasonable buying both pairs?

What store posted these photos. Hope ontario gets them soon :)

Anonymous said...

OT- thhere is afeature on the aussie website called vinyasa to vino. in the header and in one of the photos,they feature a new black tote, but its a teaser. love it. i can't wait for that one!

Anonymous said...

Is the male model educator for sale?;-)

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Eric. The store identified the Light As Air as Pace Breakers. Southpark showed the Light As Air. The Frond Pace Breakers are all over - both US and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Local store had restickered all the old run: response as the pace breaker shorts. Old news I guess with the name change.

Eric/LLA- do you mind me asking your opinion of them? The pace breakers. Really like them, thinking about getting them, but not sure about inner short performance. Might be in time for frond green. Thanks.

LuluAddict said...

My husband has something like 8 or 9 pairs of Run Responses and likes them a lot. They are his favorite run/workout short. His are a bit older so he hasn't had any trouble with the liner. One thing though, is that the waist was made a little looser so he hasn't bought any of the newer style since last year's Sapphire Blue ones. He is hoping the new Frond fit a little snugger since the size chart has changed a little bit.

Eric said...

Light as air shorts have an underwear style liner while the pace breaker (was run response) have a brief style boxer. I prefer the fit and look of the pace breaker even thought many men do not like the lines over the bum. It has better ventilation and comes in way more prints/colours.

I'm very excited to get my hand on the two coloured and regular front shorts. I hope they reach ontario soon!

Also LULU addict... Does your hubby have a pair of plum shorts? I am searching these, if he's willing to sell :)

RunLikeTheWind said...

I bet a lot of guys will be happy for this infusion of color!