Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diamond Dot Wunder Unders, Invert Crops, Pace Shorts, and More

The new diamond dot Wunder Under pants.

Shown with the Rise and Shine Pullover
New Pace Shorts. Shown with the Rise and Shine pullover and Pace Bra in the top photo. I think these shorts are meant more for women with meatier thighs and backside. I wouldn't mind seeing these a size-down on this woman.

From Australia, Surf Studio Jacket and Heat It Up crops.

 The new Invert Crops. I definitely want to give these a try on.

The Frond Bangbuster. I ordered this yesterday, too.

More Rise and Shine Pullover photos.

More Layer Me LS photos.

Cardio Kick Tank on a busty woman.

Pretty Frond Scuba

Pace Skirt Photos

 New Mary Method barre socks. It has a padded foot and gripper dots.

Everyday Gym Bag for men.


Anonymous said...

Love those barre socks! They will keep my feet cool in the summer!!

3crazykids said...

This convinced me to buy the diamond dot WUs. I bought the black cross stitch and kept them even after they pulled them off the shelf. In case anybody is wondering, after a half dozen washes, still no holes like some people mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I like this last post, the layout is really well done. I ordered the rise and shine pullover, to me it seems like the spring version of the toasty tech which I have been wearing a lot while running. I also got the pink pace setter skirt, the mat in frond and the first base tank, expensive lulu purchase for me.
I know I will get a lot of use from the pullover, it is definitely over priced.

Nike has their own version of the swiftly tank and long sleeve, it is 70 dollars, it seems more durable but not as nice in terms of style and colors.


Jen said...

I saw the diamond dot WUs in frond at my store this past weekend. I didn't even flinch to try them on when I saw my hand through the fabric. They looked nice though!

Karin said...

Not much to say about the products shown here. Some of them are cute, but not cute enough for me to justify the prices of them. While I think the colors are nice too, I look like death in pale colors. Bummer!

One cool thing is that one of my Pure Barre instructors is the model in one of the photos.

HPSauce said...

Does the cardio kick tank have a built in bra?

Anonymous said...

I am considering the Invert Crop, can anyone give advice regarding size? I am between a 6 and 8. Thanks!