Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Burn It Out Tank and More

Burn It Out tank and Heat It Up Short.

Frond Wunder Unders

Surya Tank and Heat It Up Crops
 Inkwell Rejuvenate hoodie

 Rejuvenate Pullover

Frond Rise and Shine Pullover and Pace Skirt. I spotted a couple of "frond" colored tops at the gym today.


Anonymous said...

Burn Out Tank is super pretty for summer. But I'm wagering not worth its probable $40+ price tag... Something I'd look for at Target for $10.

Has anyone tried on the Surya tank yet? Wondering how uncomfortable that strap around the neck is...

Anonymous said...

Can we all just take a second and look at the adorable pattern (light zap?) polkadot pace crops in the bleached coral swiftly tech racerback photo

Jennifer said...

I love open back shirts, tempted to get the burn it out but the shape is kind of strange. Not sure I like the long back, short front at all. The colors are also very light and I'm afraid wont be too forgiving on the tummy.

Wendy said...

@Anon 2:09 - Good eye! Now I'm checking over all the new item photos. There appears to be some kind of tank in the green color with polka dots!!! It's in the bleached coral rejuvinate pullover pics!!!!!! CUTE.