Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bleached Coral Grooves, Dune Cool Racerback, Burn It Out Tank, and More

Funky new Bleached Coral Groove Pants. Shown with the Burn It Out tank and Free to Be Bra and Bleached Coral Scuba.

The Dune Gingham Cool Racerback and Free to Be Bra. Also show is the Bleached Coral Scuba.

The solid Bleached Coral Cardio Kick Tank (I may need to get this one) and the new Proceed with Speed crops. I wouldn't mind this outfit for spin class.

 The new Fresh Teal Scuba.

The more I see the Burn It Out tank the more I like it. I need to give this a try on.

Surf Studio Jacket (fingers crossed for a repricing), Heat It Up Bra and Crops.

Shown with Heat It Up crops.

Shown with Heat It Up crops.

Shown with Heat It Up Shorts

Shown with the Yoga On the Run Duffel
Rejuvenate Hoodie you are so much more attractive to me at $98. Too bad I have already spent a bundle this month.

 I am digging the Frond Proceed with Speed crops. They'd make fun race crops.

Frond Wunder Unders and Surya Tank.

This woman is crazy bendy.

Heat It Up Bra and Shorts.

Heat It Up Crops with Surya Tank and Heat It Up Bra

I didn't realize the Puri-Tee was so see-through when I tried it on. Shown with the Heat It Up bra and crops.

I'd like the Yoga On the Run bag better if it came in a really pretty color or print.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO anxiously waiting feedback on burn it out tank. It looks like this years wandering yogi tank..something airy and flows, nice light weight. I want to know how sizing is running on it and a few reviews before I order. I love the yellow and pink. I think it will be the perfect layering piece for me to breastfeed my baby and not be smoldering in the heat this summer here in Cali.

monique said...

this is off topic, but does anyone use poshmark? it seems like it's run by a lot of younger people. I saw really good prices, such as dtb duffle and dsj for $80 and a keep on running duffle for $120. problem is that they're sold out and keep popping up when searching, which is such a tease.

Pink Peony 4 said...

I went to the store today after just being there on Saturday. No intentions of buying anything but to return a wunder under pants in cross stitch. It was really tight on my thighs in my size and there were no other ones there. I'm not really in love with it so it was an easy parting. I had my black still pants hemmed. I spotted the run to yoga(?) bag in zap and the free to be bra in dune and bleached coral (adorable) and the base layer tank in yellow on sale (somebody returned it). I was really liking the color of the bag and since I'm flying to LA tomorrow, I had a vision of myself using it. The price is ridiculous of course but I just could not resist. It looked great next to my skin (hmm). This week is an overload for me even though I did not buy any from the upload, I made up for it quick.
I'm happy to say that there is an outlet store opening here in my town (San Marcos, TX) in March. The eds at my store were all asking if they were gonna lose me because of the outlet. We have a university here and it will be good for them to recognize something besides nike and under armour (ugh). There are over 300 stores in this outlet I believe.
On Saturday, I bought a get up and glow jacket in spring has sprung. I really like the fit and the weight of it. It's fairly light but should be warm, frond and bleached coral bangbusters. I bought my niece (yes, she's 17) a flip your dog (?) bra, a striped frond headband, practice freely tank in bleached coral, boogie shorts and swiftly stuff.

My bonded CRB in dune/bleached coral/black is so pretty. I wore it to work out in a few days ago and while I'm in my weight lifting class, I can see in the mirror a black stain traveling from one area to another. This crb is color blocked. Scary and embarrassing. I hand washed it and the stain went away. Fair warning.

Pink Peony 4 said...

Ok sorry the bag is Yoga on the Run not run to yoga (omg).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of race crops, what do y'all think the odds are of a sour apple CRB coming out before St Pattys day weekend? I want to wear green for my half marathon! And I can only run in CRBs...

Anonymous said...

Bleached Coral Groove Pants with the Burn It Out tank, Gingham CRB and Bleached Coral Scuba, that whole ensemble looks dumpy.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an odd question, but has anyone ever used their "littler" lulu pieces for swimwear? When I look at the new yoga items, I think the short shorts and top would make a cute swim outfit!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the back of the burn it tank it got me really excited. That would be so cute for summer, and an excuse to get a new free to be bra in a matching colour. But the front? PLEASE lulu, tell me who's body shape that is working for? Loose and short and square.. Even on the tall thin models online the front does them no favours. Enough with the crop tops!

Anonymous said...

@7:23 I use the hot yoga shorts and bottoms as a bathing suit as well as the top. I think the ones in the pictures above look like really cute sporty swimsuits for surfing paddle board, or just lounging. I saw the material of those in person and it's really nice, just like a bathing suit. I really like the bra but it is designed for small busted ladies.
I sail competitively and like to have sporty bras that can double as a bathing suit top.


MafiaPrincess said...

Ugh, I'm glad the price dropped, but I just bought 2 rejuvinate hoodies on monday. They better be willing to fix the price on them tomorrow :*(

Marlies said...

I went to the store today to return some stuff (inkwell pacesetter skirt, and the bleached coral studio crops, which were just a teeny bit too thin for comfort), and ended up buying a couple of Practice Freely tanks, and the new Pace skirt.

Anyway, I tried on the Rejuvenate Hoodie and I liked it, but just couldn't pull the trigger on a $98 sweatshirt. I think it would be a good buy at $38. It's just a cotton jacket. :-(

Anonymous said...

cant decide if i like them or hate them...thoughts on the reversible frond/black WU crops?

Unknown said...

First, I want to say thank you for your blog it gives us an idea on what the clothes look like on real women, and all the girls are gorgeous ;) that being said, what is up with these new colours and sheer fabric?? They are not very flattering at all! Lime green, white, and skin coloured pants?? Who would wear those? For a top maybe the colour is fine but not for pants, yuck! And that heat it up bra looks like my first training bra I had when I was 12. Is it just me or is lulu really lacking lately??