Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reflect LS, Pullover, Crops, Get Up and Glow and More

 Reflect Crops in Classic Stripe Mint Moment/Black paired with the solid black Reflect LS on top and Mint Moment Reflect Pullover on the bottom. I don't know if I'd say the placement of the stripes is visually slimming. To my eye, it seems to widen the hips from the front. If I find a back view of the crops I'll try to remember to post it.

The silver Reflective Jacket with the same Mint Moment Classic Stripe Reflect Crops.

New Uba Hoodie SE. This looks like Inkwell to me. No word on price yet.

Shown with the matching Get Up and Glow Tights in Mint Moment.

The Mint Moment Sea Stripe Get Up and Glow Jacket.

The Mint Moment Sea Stripe Reflective Long Sleeve.

The Light Flare Reflective Pullover. Shown with the matching Inkwell/Flare Get Up and Glow Tights in the top three photos.

All three colors of the new Reflect Pullover  - black, Mint Moment, Light Flare.

The earbud cord hole is a nice feature

Another view of the earbud cord hole. It feeds from the kangaroo pocket.
 Reflect Crop in the Spring Multi print with a Shell Pink Swiftly and the black Reflect Pullover. I really like this combo.

 Showing the reflective strips on the Reflect pullover.

Not a fan of this combo but the Polar Haze Sea Stripe U-Turn and Reflect Crops in the Spring Multi Print. 


Anonymous said...

All of this new Lulu stuff is butt ugly!!! It's a blessing in disguise because I'm not tempted to spend $$$

Jeff said...

I love the orange style. But they never make the men clothings in the same vibrant clothings. I almost considering pick up a pair of the orange crops and run tights.

Anonymous said...

Loving the PO's except that huge hem. Again I have to wonder if LLL listens to feedback from the customers.

Anonymous said...

I agree...the stripe colour blocking on the outside of the thighs makes them look like saddlebags. The only reason people shell out $ for this stuff is because its slimming not widening!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the SHS crops. Can't wait for them to arrive. They look very cute! I'm not really a big floral person, but I am really liking this new print. My pacesetter arrived and the print goes with so much. It doesn't look that great with the new colors out right now, but it does go with pretty much any red, pink, blue, or purple. It even has Alberta lake in it.

Anonymous said...

Good gawd! If I wanted to glow in the dark THAT MUCH...I'd stick my wet finger, in a light socket!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a guy at one of my local stores that wears wunder unders and he ROCKS them!