Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mint Moment Pump It Up Jacket Photos

Shown with the Do It All Duffel

Showing the bottom hem detail

Shown with the Pump It Shorts. Pocket has an ipod cord tunnel.

Shown with Inspire Crops

Rear View, with Pump It Up shorts

Outfit on left: Mint Moment Not So Basic Tee and Root Chakra Pant.


Anonymous said...

how much is this jacket?

Anonymous said...

I like the look f the bottom of the jacket- nice that it covers the butt, but not the top. Looks like an over-exaggerated version of the Stride vampire collar.

HPSauce said...

I'm loving how the Pump it Up jacket hugs the bum, but I'm not loving how loose and bulky looking it is at the top.. This is a jacket I'd have to try in before ordering for sure... Who knows, maybe it the perfect jacket for my busty figure and I just don't know it yet!

Melissa said...

Which pants is the model wearing the mint moment PIU jacket? Love the look together. Ice Queen in black? Can't tell (those were so long on me I had to return them). Love th

Anonymous said...

Looks better than alot of them lately! However i'm not a huge fan of mint for work out cloths- but loved the menthol since it was a darker saturated mint- and would love to see a resurfacing of that color :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing nice/cute in these photos is the little dog.

Ick to everything else.

Anonymous said...

I know what that green reminds me of: a green that's been seen in hospitals!

On the orange & black, reminds me of pylons and 'danger' signs.

Way to repel your customers lll.

xtizzy said...

The jacket is $128 and the inside is so freaking soft!
I had it on in the store for a while because I couldn't decide if I needed another black jacket.
My store only had the mint, flash, and black.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the mint moment looks like hospital green.

Lol.... dog is the only cute thing ! :) I agree !

Anonymous said...

I like the mint green it has a soothing feel too it. I don't know about a jacket in that color though.