Friday, December 28, 2012

More Markdowns Added to the Website!

New markdowns added to the website!

I ordered the Black Speedy Turtleneck. I swear the ones at my store were $69 or $79 tonight and only the Beaming Blue and Polar Cream were left.

Anyone get anything? These deals are getting good! I was a little tempted by the Beaming Blue Devotion LS but I haven't tried it on. My impression from feeling it in the store was that it was on the thin side and I'd rather buy a technical piece.

Tonight's Shopping Trip - A Further Round Of Markdowns

Polar Cream Bold in the Cold LS
Not sure about Canada but the US stores had a further round of markdowns on sale merchandise. There are some genuine deals out there now. I ended up not getting anything since my order from Boxing Day came today (will keep the Sea Stripe Shell Pink CRB and Pink Shell Swiftly LS) but my husband got two shirts. These markdowns were done this afternoon, I believe, so if you haven't been to your store since earlier today you might want to head there now.

Some of the deals I've seen or heard about:

- Shower Cube Travel Kit - $39 (US-wide)
- Bold in the Cold LS - $69 (I saw Polar and Beaming at my stores, not sure about the black) (US wide)
- St. Moritz Turtlenecks - $49 (not sure about the black, but the others are on MD) (US Wide)
- Fireplace Jersey - also $49 (US Wide)
- WTF Pullover - $89 for Polar Cream and Clarity Yellow (US Wide)
- WTF Vest - $69 (US Wide)
- Bundle Up Jackets - $99 (US Wide)
- RFYL Crops - Alberta, Limitless Wee Space, Beaming (maybe) - $64
- St. Moritz Jacket - $69
- Pleasing Pants - $49
- Lustrous Crops - $59 (solid black and the laceoflage print. I'd watch out for this this, though. When lulu marks a very new item down, especially the solid black version, it makes me wonder what is wrong with it. Don't be surprised if it unravels on you.)
- Barre Pulse Pants, Split Set, forme Pant - $49
- Swiftly Turtlenecks - $39
- Under Crops in the Black and White stripe were $39 or $44. Other colors were $29.
- Clear As Mud Pants - $79 (I think)
- Spin It to Win It Tanks - $19
- St. Moritz sweaters $69
- Speedy Turtlenecks $69

NEW! Run Right Round Pant

New Run Right Round Pant are hitting stores in the US. I assume these are some sort of apres pant. This photo is not making me want them at all. I assume these arrived late since they look like Limitless Blue.

NEW! Bra Style and Men's Outfit

From Australia - a new bra style that I don't have a name for yet. It reminds me a little of the 50 Rep bra. As soon as I get a name I will let you know.

50 Rep Bra

Too bad this outfit didn't come out before Christmas - new Surge Metal Tech Vent shirt and matching Response Shorts.