Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pink Shell Scuba Stretch Photo and More

Pink Shell/Black Sea Stripe Scuba Stretch hoodie
Pink Shell Cool Racerback
I really liked the Pink Shell Sea Stripe Scuba Stretch hoodie when I tried it on this morning. Unfortunately, I think I'm quite a bit too old for it. It's cute, though.

 Pink Shell Sea Stripe Cool Racerback with a solid Pink shell Bangbuster headband.

The mysterious half-print crops with the Spring Has Sprung multi print. Based on the knee gathers I'd almost  say these were Run For Your Life crops but the print part goes too high on the leg. Also, you wouldn't wear them for yoga. I guess we'll find out when they make their way to North America.

Photos of What's In the Stores

The new Shell Pink LS Swiftly. Shown with matching Inspires in the bottom photo. I would say the color in the top photo is pretty true to life.

New Mint Moment Scuba Stretch Hoodie.

The new Pink Shell/Black Sea Stripe Cool Racerback. Shown with the Pink Shell Forme (SO wish this was a Define) and Groove Pants. This CRB is fun and will make me au courant with the jailbird stripe trend.

 The Back on Track tank in Shell Pink. Not sure which run crops these are.

Forme Jacket, Free to Be Tank,and Wunder Unders

Scuba Stretch

Classic Stripe Power Y and Strike Tights

More Shell Pink Goodies.

Not sure what color Metal Tech Vent shirt this is (I couldn't find it on the website or my emails. Surge, maybe?) but it's really pretty.

NEW! Root Chakra Pant & Do It Up Duffel

New Root Chakra Pant made out of Power Luxtreme and Luon. These remind me a lot of my old favorite Hill crops which had a luxtreme front and luon back. I used to love them for spin since the luxtreme front cooled me down but the luon back had better coverage. I am not a fan of the flood-length on these new crops, though. The come in Inkwell (shown), and Black.

New Do It Up Duffel. Not very exciting looking but looks functional.

PS - It also looks like the things we have been seeing in Australia is hitting the US now - Pump It Up Tank, Work It Out Tank, Cardio Kick Bra, Not So Basic Gym Tee. My stores didn't have these today but I wonder whether they are coming later this week.

Boxing Day Store Trip Report

Cute new Shell Pink/Black Sea Stripe Scuba Stretch Hoodie

I went to the store to check the Boxing Day sales and try on the new stuff I ordered last night from the website. My local stores opened at 8:00 am and I got to the first store (Fashion Island, a.k.a. "FI") around 8:30 am. The mall as a whole was kind of dead and lululemon was quiet. The store had a few racks and quite a bit of the stuff that was on markdown online was not on markdown at the store. I got to try on the Shell Pink Swiftlys I ordered last night but I tend to like bright colors in the tanks and quieter colors in the short sleeve and long sleeve version. Those will probably be headed back. I did try on the Sea Stripe Pink Shell CRB and it's fun so I will keep that when it arrives. I didn't get to try on the RFYL crops since the store did not have my size. I'm on the fence about those since I was going to make an outfit with one of the new Swiftlys so I suspect they are going back, too. I'll decide when they get here and I try it all on again one last time

The markdowns at the first store were not nearly as good as some of the online ones. The Devotion SS tees are $19 online and I swear they were something like $39 or $29 in the store. The one deal I did note was the Under crops (the organic cotton Wunder Unders) were $29. I tried a couple of pairs on but I could clearly see my underwear and the white tear out tag so they stayed at the store. The St. Moritz and Fireplace Jerseys were on sale online but not at either store I went to. FI did not have the Runder Under LSs, U-Turn Pullovers, Barre Pulse Pant, Forme Pant, Pleasing Pant, or Side Angle pants on markdown. They had a few All Sport Bras for $39 and a couple of Ta Ta Tamers for $44.

I hit my other store (South Coast Plaza, a.k.a. "SCP") around 9:30-ish and that store was a lot busier and had a line about 6-8 deep for the dressing room. This is the SoCal "cold" store so they had the WTF jacket and other cold run items on sale, I believe for the same prices as online. Notably the Bold in Cold LS was not on markdown, nor the merino wool pieces. SCP had a lot more of the same online deals than FI did. The Devotion SS were not as good a deal as the online store here, either. I think they were something like $29 or $34.  I ended up getting my husband a pair of Chillstop run gloves for $19. I noticed quite a few people picking up new Shell Pink striped items (bottoms, the Shell Pink Sea Stripe hoodie, etc.) so people were buying new stuff along with the markdown items. Since there were long lines for the dressing room I did not bother trying on anything and left. I'll be back later in the week to check out the status of the racks and return some of what I ordered last night so I'll let you know if lulu starts a secondary round of markdowns like they did for Black Friday weekend.

What about your local stores? Get any better deals than online?