Tuesday, December 25, 2012


So, I went a little overboard on the Pink Shell tonight. I passed on all the markdown items and am hoping the in-store deals will be better. Nothing jumped out at me as a can't-pass-it-up-deal. I ordered the Sea Stripe Pink Shell CRB, both the LS and SS Swiftlys since I couldn't make up my mind which I'll get more use out of, and the Pink Shell Stripe Run For Your Life crops since I like those. Not sure if I will keep all of this but I really like the look of the run outfit in the above photos. I am also not sure how the color will look on me. I have a couple of races coming up in January and wouldn't mind a new outfit for them but can also make do with what I have for now.

Did you order anything?

Boo!!! Bad Intel on the Upload Time!

Sorry to have given you guys some bad intel on the upload for today. If you check the archives for the last two years there was new stuff uploaded to the website for Boxing Day. Last year I had a post at 11:43 pm on Christmas Day and the year before I had a post that new stuff had been uploaded the morning of the 26th. I think it's coming but the 9 pm was not correct. I'm hoping it will be the regular 11:15 pm PST time.

Update (9:11 pm)  - The Ivivva site just had new markdowns uploaded.

More Shell Pink and Other New Items for Boxing Day

The Sea Stripe Shell Pink/Black Cool Racerback. I definitely want this one.

The lace print is only on the short sleeve version of the Shell Pink Swiftlys, not the long sleeve version.

Shell Pink Back on Track tank. Honestly, how many more versions of the Back on Track are coming?

Polar Haze Classic Stripe Runder Under pants.

Shell Pink Sea Stripe Boogie Shorts.

New Pirate Yoga Head Wrap, I mean Hot Yoga Head Wrap.Argggghhh. (photo from Australian side of the website, not sure when we are getting it.)

 New Spring Has Sprung Multi Print Flip Your Dog Bra. (also from Australia)

New silver luon Wunder Under crops in Light Flare. I love that silver luon is coming in colors now. Dislike the added cost for the feature, though. (also from Australia)

Rumor - 9pm PST Upload Tonight

Merry Christmas, everyone! A ton of new We Made Too Much was uploaded to the Australian side of the website earlier today. The above photos are the new banners on the website and I wanted to reprint them so you get a sense of the new Shell Pink Swiftly and sea stripe CRB. I think both of those items are going on my want list. The rumor is that there will be an upload at 9 pm Pacific Time tonight. If things show up earlier I will let you know via Facebook, here, and Twitter (@LuluAddict).