Friday, December 14, 2012

More of the Latest

I love comparison photos like this that use the same model. From left to right: Power Y, Free to Be tank, Cool Racerback, Scoop Neck Tank, and No Limit Tank.

From left to right: Barre Pulse Pant, Astro Pant, Groove Pant, Ice Queen Pant, and Studio Pant.

#1 - Bundle Up Jacket, #2 - Scuba Stretch, #3 - Forme Jacket, #4 - St. Moritz Jacket, #5 - What the Fluff Jacket, and #6 - What the Fluff Pullover

#1 - Skinny Will Pant, #2 - Flip Up and Out Pant, #3 - Forme Pant, #4 - Wunder Under, and #5 - Split Set Pant.

Shown with the Runder Under pant

Shown with the Run For Your Life Crops

Silver U-Turn Pullover

Uba Hoodie Lux Edition

The Polar Cream/Black Ice Queen Pants. Lots of people are loving the fit of the Ice Queens.

Mens Chillstop Pant. It looks like it fits close in the leg.

I really love the black and gray stripes in this - the Studio Half Zip made of running luon.

Running Luon Sprint Half Zip. Where is the women's equivalent that has a pattern in the rulu like this? I think the men got the more interesting running luon tops so far this winter.

Merino Wool Transit LS

Pink Shell Items Pulled from Stores

I'm hearing from a few people that Pink Shell items have been pulled from the stores for bleeding. I know I tried on the Power Y yesterday at noon time. Some people have been told they have been pulled others just can't find them in the stores. However, Pink Shell items are still on the website so this is confusing. I wore my Pink Shell Cool Racerback today for a few hours until I spilled coffee on it (grrr) and didn't have any issues. It almost seems the color is not saturated enough to cause problems. Anyway, if you have any info, please post.

I've also read the Pink Shell items were put out too early and that is why they are being pulled back. That makes no sense to me since lulu is about to go over its own fiscal cliff as far as 4th quarter results are concerned so you would think they'd want to sell as much as possible while people are in the shopping mood and not wait.

UPDATE - I knew I could count on you guys to set me straight - thank you!:
Anonymous Ed and LuluAddict Fan said...
It wasn't a bleeding problem - there haven't been any reported bleeding issues that we've been told about with the pink. But a bunch of items in the pink got delayed in shipping from wherever they were manufactured and won't arrive until xmas week or later, so they pulled the few items that were on time and are holding them until they can put all the pink stuff out at approx the same time. They want the stores to look good for holiday and those few pink items looked random without the items designed to match. 

This makes sense, all the items that bled heavily were much more saturated in color - Flash, Paris, etc. Pink Shell is not a typical "bleeder" color.