Saturday, December 8, 2012

More of the Latest

I keep thinking about the Bold In the Cold LS I tried on yesterday. A review on the website describes it well: "Comfortable like an old sweatshirt but softer."  Too bad this wasn't repriced this morning as well. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Lots of people on the search for the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover. It sounds like they are at most stores now. I've read a few reviews that say they feel a little different than last year's version, particularly the running luon portions. I am thinking there is a good chance it show up on line. Lulu just started offering the free FedEx Express shipping option, too.

Speedy Turtleneck in the Polar

Got my "pique" Bangbuster today. The pique seems a lot less textured than other piques. I do love it, however. It fits looser (or maybe it's stretchier) than a lot of my other recent Bangbuster headbands.