Sunday, December 2, 2012

Miracle Jacket, Bold in the Cold Pants, More Draft Dodger Photos

First photos of the Miracle Jacket. I actually like the looks of this jacket but not the price.

A photo of black Run Bold in the Cold pants with the Polar Cream Draft Dodger jacket.

More photos of the new Draft Dodger jacket.

(The (surprising) controversy over the name of this jacket had me checking into the history of the Vietnam War and Canada a little since I was just a little kid when it all happened. The article stated that 30,000-40,000 American men emigrated to Canada during that time period and over half of them stayed after Jimmy Carter pardoned them so I can see where Canada has a much different view of the term than America does. Anywhoo, this all happened nearly 40 years ago and it's just a name of a piece of clothing. It's an interesting cultural difference, though.)

Draft Dodger Jacket Details

Some photos of the design details on the Draft Dodger jacket.

Spring Has Sprung Speed Shorts

Another photo from Australia - new Speed Shorts in the Spring Has Sprung Multi print. Shown with the Mint Moment Swiftly tank.