Friday, November 23, 2012

Coco Pique Wunder Unders and More

The new Coco pique Wunder Unders and black and gray striped Power Y.

The new Strike Tight in Limitless/Clarity.

New Clarity Wee Space print in the Top Speed Crops. This is from an Australian store.

The new Laceoflage Back on Track Tank.

 The Limitless Blue Cool Racerback.

 Limitless Blue and Astro Pants.

The new Wunder Under Pant colors/textures.

Did anyone do any Black Friday shopping at lulu this moring or last night? I went to one of my stores last night. I'm a night owl anyway so heading out for a midnight sale wasn't too too big a deal for me. I couldn't stand not knowing if there were some great deals but the markdowns were all the first cut and what has been on the racks and in WMTM all week. I mostly stuck to the tanks rack and I saw $39 Swiftly Tanks, Trinity Bras, Pow In Stride Jacket for $89, Split Pea CRBs for $29, a random 105F Singlet in Split Pea for $44, Top Speed Tanks, Calm SS tees for $39. I ended up leaving with nothing. I was tempted to get a Creamsicle Swiftly Tank but I think I might want one in Beaming Blue if it comes and a $9 markdown wasn't enough to make me get the Creamsicle. Anyone get some great deals? I haven't read about anything spectacular so far.