Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wunder Under Pants Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch and Coco Pique WUs

The other new textured Wunder Under pants - WU Cross Stitch.

Upload! (Updated)

(Updated) That'll teach me to turn off my computer before 11:15 pm. There was a sneak upload last night of a few new things and some more We Made Too Much. I didn't see it before this morning when we were getting ready to leave for to do our own family Turkey Trot at the beach. I had some trouble checking out with only the Limitless Blue Cool Racerback in my cart so I ended up calling the GEC to make my order. I drove around to a couple of strategic partner stores on Thursday trying to track this down so I didn't want to take any chances ordering it.

I also ended up making a second order to get the Black striped Perfect Layer tee from We Made Too Much.

I'm also toying with ordering the new Coco pique Daily Yoga jacket. I kind of like it. I might wait to see it in the store but I might just order it.