Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NEW! Reversible Slub Denim Clarity Yellow Forme Jacket

New color in the Forme jacket, only in Australia right now -  Reversible Slub Denim Clarity Yellow.

NEW! St. Moritz Jacket

New St. Moritz Jacket showing up in product alerts. I like the Beaming Blue color but it looks like there is some sort of ridge up the back. Blech.

Hong Kong Heads Up and Today's Shopping Trip

From the Hong Kong side of the website, new Cocoa Pique Black/Black Daily Yoga Jacket. I really like the looks of this pique.  Why must the DY have this ugly zipper?

 Classic Black and White Free to Be Tank.

Pretty Limitless Blue Scuba Stretch Hoodie. This is going on my maybe list.

I went shopping today in search of the Limitless Blue Cool Racerback but struck out. I came close when I found a bunch at a strategic partner store (Tustin Ranch Core Power Yoga) but they had them only in size eight and under. 

I saw the new No Limits tanks at my local store (Fashion Island) and the new Laceoflage and Love Red Free to Be Tanks. FI also had the What the Fluff pullover but I didn't try it on since there was nothing else I wanted to try on. I saw the new Shower Cube, which is nice and big but it needs to come down $35-40 before I get one. I also checked out the new Take Me With You Tote but I think it's kind of small for all the stuff I like to take with me to the gym. Oh yes, I tried on the Forme Jacket last week. I thought it was very roomy in the shoulders and upper chest, roomier than the Define in the upper arms and TTS everywhere else. I tried on the Brushed Black and thought the material felt very thin. It was quite disappointing compared to the Define. I don't see myself getting any Forme jackets in the future.

Toasty Tech Tights, Shower Cube, and More

The top photo finally clued me as to why the spiderman pattern is on the legs of the Toasty Tech tight - to match the quilted in the What the Fluff and Toasty Tech Pullovers - duh! The outfit in the top photo is actually cute.

Toasty Tech Tight Photos

Shower Travel Cube photos.

The Limitless Blue No Limit Tank with the high rise Wunder Under pants in Limitless Blue. Also, showing the new Take Me With You Tote.

Show And Tell Hints of Things to Come

I was all excited thinking there was a new dark print Scuba on the way but it turns out this is a new Run: Bundle Up Jacket. It's a very cute version of the jacket but I love the print collar/hoodie ting. I hope it shows up in a Scuba, too.

 New Beaming Blue Power Y. Hoping it hits the upload soon. Beaming Blue reminds me of other lulu blues - Ocean? Spry?
Also shown is a Beaming Blue LS Swiflty.

Take Me With You Tote Photos

Photos of the new Take Me With You Tote Photos. It comes in Beaming Blue and Arrow Chevron Print and Polar Cream/Dark Coal. It's not bad but looks a little like a diaper bag to me.

Lace Swiftly LS & SS, Hot Cheeks Skirt, New No Limit Tanks

Shown with the Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life Crops

Shown with the Toast Tech Tight and WTF Jacket
The new Black/Silver Slate Lace Swiftlys in the LS and SS version. I really like this but not sure if I want another gray swiftly.

Based on the store photos I am seeing, it looks like the stores are getting first crack at selling the newest stuff and that is the reason for last night's lame upload.

Three new No Limit tanks have also shown up - Limitless Blue/Wee Space Limitless Blue, Clarity Yellow/Wee Space, and White/Black and White Stripes.

Hot Cheeks Skirt Outfit Ideas.