Monday, November 19, 2012


Strike Tight
Worst upload ever. Where is everything? How late in the shopping season is lulu going to wait to upload the stuff we've been seeing in the photos? This has to be the worst November/Christmas line I've seen out of them since I started this blog.

So I'm reading comments that the stores are going to put new stuff out for Black Friday. Awesome. Because there is nothing I like better than braving crowds on that day. Whoever is in charge of this brilliant decision and the overall crappiness of the November/December product line should get fired. I'm pretty sure lulu's target customers are the type that like to do their shopping early and from behind a computer. Do they think we're the bunch that has to get to the stores for the bs doorbuster deals? I avoid shopping this weekend at brick and mortar stores like the plague. I'm really hoping there is an additional upload coming later this week.

The new Strike Tights look interesting but I'll need to try them on in a store. I'd only want black. The $68 price tag on the Sink Shower Travel Kit is outrageous. Nothing for me tonight. Did you get anything?

Toasty Tech Tights, Laceoflage Free to Be Tank, Hot Cheeks Skirt, and More

Shown with the new Love Red Free to Be tank.
The new fleece Toasty Tech Tights.

Shown with the new high waisted Wunder Under pants.
The new Lacoflage print Free to Be Tank.

 The high waisted Wunder Under Pants come in Herringbone.

 The Hot Cheeks Love Red skirt.

 More of the new print Swiftly SS top.

 The new Take Me With You Tote. Shown with the What the Fluff Pullover.

What the Fluff Hat and Pullover in Polar Cream.

The Alberta Lake Pitter Patter Pullover

 Back on Track Tank with the new Limitless Blue Groove pants.

The Love Red What the Fluff Jacket.

Another photo of the high waisted Wunder Under Pants in Limitless Blue.

Toasty Tech Tight, Albert Lake Pitter Patter, and More

New fleece Toasty Tech Tight. There is a photo of the solid black ones a couple of posts ago, with the Hot Cheeks skirt.

The ribbed striped Cool Racerbacks are back. I didn't like them the first time around so they'll be a pass for me this time, too.

 A pretty new version of the Pitter Patter Pullover in Alberta Lake.

New Clarity Yellow No Limit Tank.

NEW! High Rise Wunder Unders

New High Rise Wunder Unders. These are the same WU pants I posted in the last post but I didn't realize they had a new waistband. Anyone try these yet and get let us know how they compare to Wunder Under Grooves?

I already lived through workout wear that went up to my navel. At least the new WUs have a different waistband to visually break up the long rear you get with high rise pants. I cannot wait for this fashion trend to go away.

NEW! What the Fluff Hat, Printed Swiftly, Travel Kit, and More

Toasty Tech Tights, Hot Cheeks Down skirt, What the Fluff Ear Wamer, and new patterned Swiftly SS.

New What the Fluff run hat. It's lined with Primaloft insulation and Sherpa fleece. I have an Italian-made down ski hat that is similar to this but it has an elastic chin strap so the sides don't flare out like in these photos.

All the What the Fluff stuff - jacket, pullover, scarf, ear warmer, hat, and mittens.

The Love Red Slub Denim Every Yoga jacket and a new striped Power Y. I'm not sure if those are black and white stripes or what. Update - they are black and white stripes.

The lastest Wunder Under waistbands and colors.

New Take Me With You Tote (top photo, $148) and travel kit (bottom, $68!). (Thanks to Ms. C. for the photos.)

Oh yeah, the European side of the website opened up recently. I'm reading it has limited stock and high prices, just like the other non North America sites.