Friday, November 16, 2012

What the Fluff Stuff and More

Shown with the Dog Runner Pants

More photos of the What the Fluff Jacket.

More of the What the Fluff Pullover.

Pitter Patter Pullover

WTF Vest with the Pitter Patter Pullover underneath

What the Fluff Vest

This bag is the hit of releases this weekend. I was only able to see the blue version at the store today. It's a very roomy tote.

What the Fluff Scarf and Ear Warmer.

The Latest

The Down to the Studio Jacket shown with the the Lacoflage print tank underneath. I think this is a Free to be Tank.

More of the latest What the Fluff items - vest, jacket, pullover and the Down to the Studio Jacket.

The latest Back on Track tank colors. I wish I liked this better because I love the Raspberry Glo and Black Swan one.

A great photo of the new Love Red Slope Stripe Wunder Unders. Readers are saying these run on the sheer side but the print can camouflage your undies.

The two Wee Space prints in the Scuba Stretch hoodies.

Runder Under LS outfits.

Pitter Patter Pullover photos.

Limitless Blue Ice Queen LS

 Toasty Tech Pullover and Deep Coal/Love Red Inspire Crops

Devotion LS and Polar Cream Studio Pants

What the Fluff Scarf, Toasty Cheek Run Skirt, WTF Pullover, and Vest

New What the Fluff Down Scarf. I wonder how much this will be. It also has a storage pocket.

The Toasty Cheek Run Skirt has hit the stores. Shown with Runder Under tights, What the Fluff Vest, Ice Queen LS, WTF Mittens, and WTF Ear Warmer.

More photos of the What the Fluff Jacket. The hood is detachable and the ruffle snaps up and out of the way.

More photos of the What the Fluff Pullover.

What the Fluff Vest.

What the Fluff Ear Warmers.

What the Fluff Mittens