Friday, November 9, 2012

NEW! Post Headstand Headhugger Headband

A sharp-eyed reader spotted this new headband (head wrap?) on the Australian side of the website. I am a headband maniac but $24 is a bit much for me to spend on a headband. This looks pretty big and I doubt it will work for me so I'll stick to my new favorite, the Bangbuster.

Rumors of Upcoming Items

I am reading that a Cool Racerback will be coming in the Raspberry Glo Slope Stripe print. There is also a Daily Yoga Jacket coming in Raspberry Glo, in the solid version, I think. I think people might be pinked-out since the website still has a full size run in this color. My store also had a ton of RG CRBs yesterday. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the scoop.)

The Forme Jacket on a curvy lady - she is rocking it but I'm sure she'd rock a burlap sack. I know color blocking is a fashion trend now but it seems to be going over like a lead balloon as far as the lululemon implementation of it in this release based on the comments I read.

The same woman in the Elongate tank and Barre Pulse Pant.

Polar Cream / Silver Slate Cool Racerback.

Anyone heard if the Turn Around LS will make a comeback this year? I know Ivivva has a version out right now. It finally got cold enough here for me to wear mine yesterday and I was reminded how much I like it. It's such a great piece and sold like hotcakes. I really hope it makes a curtain call.

Black Swan Herringbone Forme Jacket

I think this is the Black Swan Herringbone Forme Jacket though it looks more like Black Herringbone to me.

Pleasing Pant photos. I liked everything about these pant except the ankle zippers and the price.

The Latest and a Couple of Mens Items

A couple more Forme Jacket photos in the Limitless Blue slub denim material.

The new Clarity Slope Stripe Cool Racerback and Power Y.

Cute mens pullover - the Studio Half Zip.

Oddly proportioned mens sweats - the Focus Pant. It looks a bit too tight on his calves.

Sea Wheeze Items on the Australian Website

The Sea Wheeze items have hit the Australian side of the website. A reader had commented that she heard that the Sea Wheeze store in Vancouver hadn't received its full shipment so these were left over items. I don't believe that's true because the Aussie Sea Wheeze items go up to a size twelve and the actual Sea Wheeze store stopped at a ten. These are newly made items. Interesting. I can see offering the clothes to Australians since they didn't have a realistic chance of getting to the race but I still think they should have manufactured the clothes without the runner girl as part of the logo.