Thursday, November 8, 2012

Store Trip Report

For the first time in a long time I walked out of the store without buying a single thing but I really liked the Pleasing Pant. The French Terry is super, super soft. They felt like the comfiest of pajamas when I put them on. I was incredibly tempted to get them but $88 + tax is extremely indulgent of me for sweatpants that will most likely never leave the house. I have a half dozen other pairs at home that I could use. One thing that I didn't totally love was the zippers at the bottom but the pants are long enough on me that the zippers hide under the folds at the bottom. I really liked the Heathered Limitless Blue color and if a pullover comes out in this material and color I will want it. I thought the fit was a roomy TTS.

I tried on the Wee Space Scuba Stretch hoodie and thought the color was very pretty. The Scuba Stretch looks too short on me in the lighter colors, though. I am going to stick to black-based prints since they blend in with dark pants and don't cut my body in half so much.

I tried the Daily Yoga jacket on and I liked it. I thought it fit closer to the body than the In Stride or Stride. However, I am not sure what makes this jacket worth $20 more than the Stride. The zipper is the cheapie blingy zipper. I paid $128 for my Pure Balance jacket but that has a lot of sheer luon decoration and a hood. I might get a DY if the right color came out, the blingy zipper is changed, and the price comes down $20. I thought it fit TTS.

I tried on the Uba hoodie. I really like the fit and look of this. The upper arm zips are superfluous and you can feel them against your skin. The material is super light. It was a chilly day but I didn't immediately start to overheat in the store when I tried this on so I question its warmth. I don't think this jacket is worth $178 at all but if it went low enough on markdown I'd give it a try.

I was pretty underwhelmed by the Toasty Tech pullover. Most of the photos of it show people with arms akimbo but I found there is a lot of excess material in the upper chest/front of the armpit when your arms are down. I also didn't like the zipper in the front - it bubbled up at the bottom. I also thought the quilting in front added excess bulk. I think lululemon has come out with better tech fleece pullovers in the past. I thought the fit was snug in the upper arms and shoulders, roomy through the upper chest, and TTS through the mid-section.

I liked everything about the Clarity Yellow stripe Ice Queen LS except the quilted pad accents. I thought the fit was a snug TTS. I also tried on the Ice Queen pant. I know some people are concerned about how flared they are at the bottom, and they almost seem as flared as old Groove pants, but if you need to get some hemmed off that may mitigate the flare. I found the pants a compressive TTS fit.

I really really liked the Back Burner tank. I loved the open back. I thought the coverage was decent in front for how busty I am (36DD). The support is low but I could wear this for weight lifting and definitely for a yoga or barre class. It is on the shorter side but I am not super tall (5'5") so I feel I could live with the length. I think the fit is a roomy TTS and maybe even a size down item since the ten worked pretty well for me. Hmm, I am reading the on line reviews that say there is too much material in front. That says to me that if you are on the bustier side you might want to try this tank out.

The store I was in got both the Love and Clarity Slope Stripe Cool Racerbacks when I was there. I have to say I didn't totally love the Love red CRB in the fluorescent light of the store - it looked to orangey - but I liked it much better in the natural light at my house. I compared it to a Tango Red headband I have and the Tango is a darker and more red. I'll have to dig out my SLR because the iPhone can't capture the difference. The Clarity stripe CRB is also very pretty. Both were on the softer side thought a bit see through if you wear them snug. I could tell I was wearing a black bra underneath.

My store also got in the Limitless Blue Swiftly LS when I was there. I tried it on with a pair of the Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life crops. It makes a nice pairing but I didn't think this Swiftly was too much different from the Rocksteady one I already have at home so I left it at the store.

More Forme Jacket Photos

More Forme Jacket photos. This jacket doesn't have cuffins or a hair tie and I have seen fit reports that say the sleeves run long.

Forme Jacket Photos

This girl is rocking the new Forme Jacket but the subsequent photos show it being rather shapeless and blah. I wonder if this is a size down item. I did not see this at the store today. I hate the coloring blocking on this. I'm really glad I went on a Define Jacket binge this summer with the four I bought because these initial photos are not making me want to get a Forme.

PS - Just reading there is circle mesh under the armpits in the Forme jacket. Don't think I'm a big fan of that change.

This does nothing for this woman.

Not loving it here much, either.

Some of the Latest Items

The Wee Are From Space Printed Polar Cream Clarity Yellow Scuba Stretch hoodie. I am dying to see this in the store.

 Method Socks.
 Limitless Blue Swiftly LS and Bundle Up Jacket.

New waistband on Wunder Under crops and Raspberry Glo Cool Racerback.