Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Latest

The new Back Burner Tank and Barre Pulse pant. I really like the look of this tank from the back. I wish it wasn't so short, though.

Shown with the Discover crops

Shown with the Split Set pant

The "sparkle" Wunder Undrs are actually the Black/Wee Are From Space Black/Coal Wunder Unders that were uploaded last night.

Love red Swiftly turtleneck and Run For Your Life crops in Wee Space Limitless Blue.

Clarity Yellow/Polar Cream/Limitless Blue U-Turn Pullover.

Raspberry Glo Cool Racerback and Black Swan Slim Grooves.

The new Vinyasa colors.

 The Mad Earwarmer and Scarf in Black Swan.

Top - "old" Pow Pink (from 2009), left - "new" Pow Pink, right - raspberry Glo. (Thanks to Ms. V. for the photo.)

Clarity and Limitless Together

I'm personally not a big fan of the yellow and blue color scheme but it's very eye catching. Shown in the top photo: Clarity Swiftly turtleneck and Limitless Blue Wee Space Run For Your Life Crop. Also shown in both the top and bottom photos are the Clarity U-Turn Pullover with the Limitless Blue Inspire Crops.

Method Bag, Mad Knit, and More

Photos of the new Method bag. It's cute but pricey. The Firey Red/Raspberry Glo shown in the top photo is only in Australia right now.

Back Burner Tank in Polar Cream. I think this tank is super cute but wonder why they made it so short.

Free to Be in Polar Cream/Clarity Yellow Slop Stripe and new Limitless Blue reversible Wunder Under Pants.

Mad Knit Scarf and Earwarmer.

Australian Heads Up & Try On Reports

Run For All Singlet

The Australian side of the website got a few cute/new things we didn't. The first is a Love Red No Limit tank. I am very tempted by it. I really like the Slope Stripe Flow Y underneath and hope a Cool Racerback comes in that print. I just noticed that Australia gets No Limit Tanks up to a size 12. What is that about?

There will also be a Raspberry Glo Define Jacket. Since I already have a Pow Pink Define I can pass on this one. One memorable pink jacket is enough for me.

There is a new silverescent singlet called the Run For All Singlet. I've come to the conclusion that the Swiftly tanks are the perfect run tank and want to sell all my silverescent tanks except for my two silverescent circle mesh Energy ones.

There is a new CRB is Polar Cream/Clarity yellow Slop Stripe. This gives me hope that there will also be a Raspberry Glo Slope Stripe Cool Racerback coming.

I tried on the Tender Violet U-Turn Pullover last week. I was pretty disappointed in it. I could really feel all the seams running up my back and down my arm. On the one hand, they looked very substantial so unraveling probably won't be a problem but on the other I don't want to feel them on my skin. The top was much softer when I turned it black side out and I couldn't feel the seams nearly as much. I thought it fit TTS.

I also tried on the Clear As Mud pant. I thought they ran really snug or super compressive. It could be because they were brushed luxtreme but they didn't seem as stretchy as regular luxtreme. On the other hand, the luxtreme was nice and thick and had good coverage. As people have noted, the pants ran really long so the gaiter part hit me way down my calf. For reference, I am 5'5" and have a  ~30" inseam. I have a friend who wore them this weekend to run in the rain and really liked them.

Pocket or Vent Zipper on the Make It Rain Jacket

I also tried on the Make It Rain jacket in gorgeous Alberta Lake Green. I thought it was very roomy in the upper chest and arms, unlike most of lululemon's other run jackets. It seemed super functional but now I'm reading that the tags have had the "waterproof" text whited out on them and the text on the website currently reads "water resistant." I can't remember if it used to say waterproof. I took a photo of the unusual zippers on the jacket. They have a waterproof (resistant?) ribbon around them that makes them hard to unzip/zip. I also couldn't find a way to tighten the hood which I don't get since wind and rain often go together. It also didn't have a way roll it up or stow it when you didn't need it. There are four fairly glowing reviews on the website but honestly only one feels authentic for people who supposedly paid for a $198 jacket. Also, none of them talk about actually running in the jacket which is a big sign these aren't written by people who shelled out their own money for the jacket. If you read reviews on the other jackets you'll see what I'm talking about - there is a level of detail that is missing. I know lululemon flew out some run ambassadors to get their input so not sure if these are ambassador reviews or what.