Friday, October 26, 2012

Smaller Logo?

Older Pow Light Swiftly headband (no tag) compared to a new Raspberry Glo Swiftly headband. Note the smaller logo on the new headband. I don't think I like this little logo. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)

Lululemon Knockoff? Not Exactly.

Spotted in a Winners (the Canadian TJ Maxx) store in Canada - "Kyodan" brand workout wear. Well, not exactly. It has a lululemon symbol on it. Ooops! So, lululemon, has your secret been blown? Are you making cheaper brand workout wear on the side? I need to head to TJ Maxx and check out this Kyodan stuff. The style in the photo looks like the old Relaxed Fit Short, one of my favorites. (Thanks to Ms. J. for the photo.)

Scuba Stretch Vs. Scuba - The Numbers

Rose Alberta Lake Print Scuba Stretch
My Scubas
I went to the store today to return my Make A Move and Split Set Pants and ended up going home with the Alberta Lake Rose Scuba Stretch Hoodie. I was all prepared to hate on the new Scuba Stretch jackets but the print on this one is very pretty and I couldn't resist. The photos don't do it justice.

I made some measurements against my other Scubas for you. I have four Scubas, three size twelve and one size ten. The one I bought today is also a size twelve.

Width is measured armpit to armpit. Length is measured from the shoulder seam where it meets the hood down to the bottom hem. I have a big deli scale I use for eBay packages so the weights are accurate. It's definitely shorter and I would love to have the length back for sure but it's not a deal breaker in this color since the jacket blends with black pants. I also thought the fit was pretty form fitting in this color. I tried on the Raspberry Glo Stretch, too, but thought that looked and felt more bulky. It could be a matter of light vs. dark colors. The weight is noticeably different than the regular Scuba. As another point of reference I weighed one of my Remix Light hoodies and was 1.29 lb and a Define weighed in at just over a pound. The hood also looked smaller to me but I measured them against my other Scubas and they're pretty similar. It must be it lays differently since it's not so heavy.  If you live in a warmer climate then this might be a good jacket for you. The Rose Alberta Lake felt a little lighter to me than the Raspberry Glo version.