Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rumor - Defines Being Discontinued? Shape Coming Back? (Update)

I've been reading some rumors that the Define will be discontinued.  I'm a little suprised to hear this since the Define overlapped with the Shape jacket before the Shape was retired. Now I am hearing that either the Shape or Form (before my lulu time) will become the new fitted jacket. I don't understand why lulu wouldn't just come up with a new design. The Shape was a lot shorter than the Define and ran a size small. I can't find any photos of what the Form looks like.

Shape Jacket Photos

Update - A reader (who sounds in the know) hints it's actually the Shape Up jacket that is coming back. The Shape Up had a straight bottom and was a bit longer than the Shape. I still recall it being shorter than the Define but it's been a number of years so I could be remembering it wrong.

I believe this is the Shape Jacket that Nicole Kidman is wearing.

NEW! Clear As Mud and Make A Move Pants

The blog on the lululemon website has a preview of some new inclement weather pants (btw, I like these preview posts). There are two new pants we haven't seen yet - the Clear As Mud Pant and the Make A Move Pant. The Clear As Mud pant has water resistant gaiters at the bottom. The Make a Move pant are running luon and the fit is described as slouchy. I'm curious to try on the Make a Move pant. I know people are loving the Runder Unders and they aren't even using them for running yet.