Friday, October 19, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Polar Cream Uba Hoodie, Tender Violet Devotion LS, and Glen Check organic Wunder Unders

I love the professional photos of the ambassadors. They usually get a stylist to put together outfits for them and I always love the combos. I believe that's a Pop Orange Scoop Me Up and Currant Wunder Under pants.

The lastest Back on Track Tanks.

Tender Violet All Sport Bra with the Black Swan Gather and Crow Crops.

 The new Creamsicle Pop Speed Shorts.

This proportions in this photo look a bit odd but I wanted to show the color combo of the Tender Violet CRB with the Sweater Print Wunder Unders.

 Some of the new men's stuff that caught my eye: the banded bottom Five Year Tee, new Studio Short (I sent this photo to my husband because I liked the look of them but he pointed out they don't come in a 30" waist - boo!), and new Trainer Jacket.