Thursday, October 18, 2012

NEW! Please Me Pullover and November Palette Info

New french terry pullover called the Please Me Pullover in Black Swan. It also comes in heathered black and polar cream. I'd like it if it were about a foot longer.

 New Creamsicle Pop Speed Shorts.

 New Tender Violet Reverse Groove Shorts.
Also, new Tender Violet Turn Around Jacket.

A reader says she was told the upcoming colors for November are:  Clarity Yellow, Raspberry Glow, Spry Blue, Limitless Blue (close to Navy), Fearless Red, Green (a spring green), and plaids. (Thanks to Ms. X. for the scoop.)

Spry Blue is the blue color from the Sea Wheeze and there is a Hold It Against Me bra in the stores in the color:

Update - Fearless Red is the same red as from the Sea Wheeze. The color code for the red color from the Sea Wheeze was FERE.

Sea Wheeze Nothing But Run Jacket in Fearless Red

Raspberry Glo Compared to Paris Pink

Raspberry Glo Inspire Crops compared to a Paris Pink Back on Track skirt. The Raspberry is brighter and more neon than Paris. (Thanks to Ms. B. for the photo.)