Thursday, October 4, 2012

Performance Review: Spinerette Short for Running

I wore the Spinerettes for a short 3.3 mile run at the gym today. I though they felt great. I was a little concerned about the elastic at the back of the legs but someone pointed out to me that some of the run crops had had sticky stuff on the leg openings. I didn't even notice the gripper strip when I was running. However, this was a fairly short run. I have an 8.5 mile run planned for Sunday so I'll try to remember to wear them and test them out on a longer run. I also liked the mesh panel at the back of the thigh. That is a sweaty area for me so I really liked the extra breathability. I also liked the higher waistband, as opposed to the Dart and Dash short where the low rise just killed them for me. Lululemon just needs to add a back zipper pocket to make these shorts perfect for running. I'm kind of surprised they left it off. I've bought older spin shorts before and they had a back pocket. I am planning to try them out in spin class tomorrow but I think they will be fine. I guess I will be keeping my second pair after all.

"Vintage" Lulu Spin Short with a back pocket

Tender Violet Wunder Unders and More

The new Tender Violet Wunder Under Crops and Creamsicle Pop Power Y.

Photos of the new Glen Check Polar Cream Silver Slate Scuba.

New Polar Cream Heathered Silver Slate Ta Ta Tamer. I'm not really into these funky patterned Ta Ta Tamers.

One of you had commented that you thought the Top Speed tank bust seam hit kind of low. I didn't understand what you were talking about until now. I think this tank is really well suited for busty women and not so much if you aren't very endowed. However, based on how loose the back straps look on this woman she could probably go a size down with no problem.

 The Alberta Lake Wunder Unders.

 Pretty Tender Violet Swiftly Tank with the Full Stride Skirt. I'm thinking about this tank but I have quite a few Swiftly tanks already.

 New color in the men's Light As Air Shorts. I don't have a name yet.

Whoever is designing the men's jackets lately is doing a really nice job. I love the clean lines. The little black tabs in the front are echoed on the back - a nice touch and make the jacket. This is the new Sprint Windblock Jacket shown with the tech fleece Blaze Tight.

 Good photo showing Tender Violet versus Potion Purple. The tank is Potion. (Thanks to Ms. N. for the photo.)

Spotted in Stores - Solid Tender Violet Cool Racerback!

My Precious!!!! You will be mine!  Check it out - a solid Tender Violet Cool Racerback. I've been thinking the Black Swan CRB will most likely be returned since everyone is saying it's so dark it practically looks black. I'll have some comparison photos up later this afternoon when mine arrives (typically after 4:00 pm, dratted Fedex). I have a Black Swan Power Technique tank I plan to put it against. Anyway, glad to see the TV isn't a heathered version but solid. Very excited to see this. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.) For a comparison of lulu's purples see here.

Tender Violet Wunder Unders Have Hit the US

Ooh, the Tender Violet Wunder Under crops have hit the US. These are wild.

Love this woman's coloring with Creamsicle Pop - shown with the Spinerette bra and Groovy Run Shorts.

 Another Top Speed Tank photo, paired with the Heathered Silver Slate Spin It to Win It Crops.

Did you think the latest Scubas looked a little shorter on the models? The new Black Swan Scuba laid on top of a Dazzling Scuba. I thought they were the perfect length so I'm hoping it's a manufacturing tolerance issue and not a design change. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)