Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Creamsicle Groovy Run Short

From Australia - Creamsicle Groovy Run Short, Spinerett Bra, Right Round Tank (?), and Spincity tee.

Creamsicle Pop Spinerette Shorts and More

The Creamsicle Pop Spinerette Shorts are hitting the stores. I am dying to know how sheer these are or aren't. Paired with the Heathered Silver Slate Right Round Tank.

Top Speed Tanks in Heathered Silver Slate and Creamsicle Pop. Shown with the Forme Pant on top and Running With My Homie pant on the bottom.

Be the standout in your class with the Alberta Lake striped Spinerette shorts. Shown with the Heathed Silver Right Round Tank.

Creamsicle Power Y with Black Swan Studio Pants and Forme Pants.

 Back to Class Jacket

 The Rose Herringbone Define. My stores got these in.

 The Rose Herringbone Bangbuster in action. Shown with the Spinerette bra (dying to try this on but I don't think my stores have it yet), Spin It to Win It crops, and Spincity long sleeve.
Tender Violet Runder Under LS

New shopper totes are out. (Thanks to Ms. S for the photo.)