Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NEW! Rose Herringbone Bangbuster

As some of you know (or now know - lol)  I have a pretty extensive headband collection but I really 'need' this one. It's so pretty!

Today's Shopping Trip - Spintastic!!

I went to the store today to check out all the new spin stuff. Before I started running in January spin was my main activity at the gym and I went to class at least twice a week.  Pain in my ITB made me choose running over spin while training for the Sea Wheeze but I've been itching to go back to class now that I have a half marathon under my belt and got sneakers that corrected my pronation issues.

The surprise of the day was how much I liked the Right Round tank. It's all mesh in the back and at the top of the chest - so it'll be awesome for spin class (I want to try it running, too). I really liked the longer curved hem in the front and back - I thought it's a flattering look, especially from behind. I also like that you can wear your own bra underneath and this is a tank bustier women should definitely check out. I ended up getting the Alberta Lake green and black version, mostly because this is the new color and I don't care for the others as much. I happened to be wearing a Ta Ta Tamer with crossed straps when I tried it on and you can see a little of the straps through the window in the back. I have a couple of other bras I'd like to try this with to see which one works best. I have made a date with myself to debut this tank at spin class on Friday. If you spin, you definitely want to check this tank out. I thought this tank ran TTS and I would say the model in the photo is what a TTS fit looks like.

I also tried on the Spin It to Win It tank in the Heathered Silver. It does have elastic inside the wide straps, just like the old Push UR Limits tank. The straps are more comfortable the the Push, though. The tank is comfortable but I am not a fan of the high neck on me. I like that lululemon has made the body of the tank on the loose side. I think that was/is one of the main complaints with the Push and previous luxtreme tanks - the tight tummy portions of those tanks ruled out people who didn't want to have the thin, shiny luxtreme highlight every ripple and bump in their midsections. I thought the Heathered Silver Slate added some visual slimming with the black side panels. This tank runs TTS and looks nice on bustier women, as you can see in the Creamsicle photo. It has an adjustable bra inside.

I was really eager to try the Top Speed Tank on. This was the one that I thought I would like the best from the photos and the video of the spin ambassador. (That video really sold the tank to me. I loved seeing it in action.) I ordered this one in two sizes in the Black Swan just to ensure I'd get the one that worked best for me. My store only had this in black but was expecting the Creamsicle and Heathered Silver Slate so I am glad I ordered the Black Swan. I have to say I loved this tank on - loved! The neckline is super flattering and the back is very open and kind of sexy, with the curve at the bottom of the opening. The wide straps also have elastic inside for extra support. The bra is not adjustable. If you are busty you will show some cleavage in this tank. I cannot wait until mine comes in the mail. I took my regular size in this tank. When I sized down the bra was more compressive but then I had armpit fat issues. The midsection is nice and loose and even a bit flappy on the woman in the video. The support is moderate and I'll definitely try this on the spin bike to see how it works for me. However, this is also a great tank for me for my low impact weights workouts. If you are looking for a flattering all around workout tank, definitely check this one out.

Interior of the crotch area

Compared to the Run: Take Flight Bike Short (on the bottom)

Gripper "art" on the back half on the leg opening
I also took the opportunity to try on the Spinerette shorts. I really liked them and purchased a pair even though I already have one on order. I might end up taking a pair back, though. I thought I might be able to use these for running but I think gripper strip on the back of the leg will bug me when running. I wasn't able to check that out until I got home and could run around in them. There is no diamond or triangle gusset in these. Instead there is a lining strip throughout the inner thigh and crotch as shown above. These are exactly how my Moving Comfort compression shorts are constructed. I like that they have this reinforcement because my other luxtreme crops/shorts developed pinholes from being rubbed on the saddle in spin class. The other reason these shorts won't work as well for running is that they only have one waistband pocket - no zipper pocket and no waist tie string. The waist comes up high enough and is snug enough you don't need a tie for spin. If you are in the market for spin shorts, definitely check these out. There is no padding in the crotch. I thought these fit TTS.

I also tried on the Spincity Short Sleeve Tee. I liked it and thought it was comfortable but it looks way too casual compared to the rest of the spin line so it doesn't complement it well. The sleeves are also tight. My store did not have the long sleeve version for me to try. The body runs big but since the sleeves run snug I had to stay TTS in this.

I also ended up getting the Creamsicle Pop Cool Racerback. It's a fun color and will look nice contrasted against all my bright Define Jackets. Here is a photo of some of my oranges: Flush No Limit Tank, Flare Cool Racerback, Dazzling Swiftly, and the Creamsicle Pop CRB on top. I don't have any Tang Light to compare CP to but I am dying to know how they match up.

I was hoping to try on the Spinerette and All Sport bras today but my store didn't have them in.

All in all, I have to say lululemon did a great job overall with the spin line. I haven't been this excited about new tanks in a long, long time. If you are a spinner you should definitely check out the new stuff.

Creamsicle Groovy Run Shorts, New Spin It to Win It Tank Color, and More

New Spin It to Win It Color popping up in the email notices. This is Polar Cream/Black Swan with Creamsicle stitching accents. It's shown with Creamsicle Spinerette shorts.

New CRB coming in Macro / Micro Polar Cream Heathered Silver Slate.

New Eighth Check Creamsicle Pop Groovy Run Shorts have shown up in Australia, paired with the Spinerette bra.

Top Speed Tank photos. It's shown with the Alberta Lake striped Spinerette Shorts in the top photo.

The signature Alberta Lake spin outfit - Right Round Tank in Alberta Lake/ Black and Spinerette shorts in Alberta Lake micro/macro stripe. Very head-turning - love!

The Spinerette bra fits nicely under the Right Round tank. I didn't see the bra at my store today.

More solo Spinerette bra photos. Shown with the Spinerette short and Spin It to Win It crops. 

Runder Under LS & Spin It to Win It crops

Tender Violet Runder Under with matching Speed Shorts
More Runder Under LS photos. I did not see this at my store today..

Shown with the Forme Pant

Shown with Herringbone Wunder Under Pants
Back to Class jacket photos.

Creamsicle Pop Define is in the US and More!

The Creamsicle Pop Define has hit US Stores.

Back to Class Jacket and new Alberta Lake Herringbone Wunder Under pants.

 Another Rose Herringbone Define photo.

The Polar Cream / Silver Glen Check Scuba Hoodie.

Rose Herringbone Define, Forme Pant, Back to Class Jacket

First photos of the new Rose Herringbone Define.

Another photo of the Alberta Lake Striped Spinerette Short and Spincity LS.

I really like the amount of coverage the Spinerette gives. It looks super cute in this photo with the Spin It to Win It crops.

 New Forme Pants and Back to Class Jackets.

Paddington Softshell On Markdown

The Paddinton Softshell has hit the markdown rack in some stores. This was about the price I'd be willing to pay for it. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the photo.)

NEW! Daily Om Duffel, Striped Spinerette Shorts, Tender Violet Runder Under and More

Wild new Alberta Lake Macro Micro Stripe Spinerette shorts. I'll stick to boring black but these are kind of fun. Show with the Spincity tee.

New Daily Om Duffel bag. I really like the looks of this one. Shown with the Heathered Silver Slate Spin It to Win It crops and Creamsicle Spin It to Win It tank.

 Tender Violet Runder Under LS. It reverses to black.

Gather and Crow crops in Alberta Lake Green and Black Swan/Tender Violet. The lighting is poor in this photo so they look a bit washed out here.

Showing how the reflective detailing looks at night.

Puddle Jumper Jackets in Pigment Blue and White.

Spin It to Win It Tank and Crops. My local store got the spin line in today so I'm hoping to try it on later this morning.

Creamsicle Cool Racerback with Alberta Lake Gather and Crows. Polar Cream Cool Racerback with Black Swan Studio Pants. The off-white Cool Racerbacks seem to come out once a year so if you've been searching for one, now is the time to get it.

Some more photos of the Right Round tank. I like that they used a lot of mesh in the high sweat areas but I think this newer mesh is prone to snagging easily. I'd still want to try this tank on, though.

Spin It to Win It crops close up photos.

Spin It to Win It tank, Spinerette Shorts, Spincity LS tee
More photos of the Spincity tees.