Thursday, September 27, 2012

Black Swan / Creamsicle Pop No Limit Tank and More

The Black Swan / Creamsicle Pop No Limit Tank. These photos are all from an Australian store.

Tender Violet SS Swiftly with the Tender Violet Eighth Check Full Stride Skirt.

Creamsicle Pop Swiftly SL and Full Stride Skirt.

 Creamsicle Pop Flow Y

The Latest Power Ys Are in the US and More

The new Albert Lake green striped Power Y is in the US now. Shown with Bordeaux Aphrodite crops and Cross Town pants. I only want this color if it's coming in a solid form, particularly in a CRB or a Scuba hoodie.

Shown with the My Mantra Pant

The new Polar Cream / Silver striped Power Y is in the US, too.

The Creamsicle Pop Power Y is here, too. I am going to wait for the Cool Racerback.

No more plain white mailers from the website anymore. These aren't so easy to hide from the hubby/S.O. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the top photo.)

A comparison of Studio Pant colors - Indigo on the left and Black Swan on the right. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.)

One of you quipped in the comments that lulu was getting this latest palette inspiration from the Halloween decoration section at Walgreens. You weren't too far off.  ;-)

Purples Comparison - Tender Violet, Potion Purple, Lolo Purple, Ultraviolet, and More

I took a billion comparison photos of my purples for you. Tender Violet looks like Barney the Dinosaur Purple  - a very true purple - to me. The above photo was taken outside in indirect natural light. You can click on it to get a bigger image.
  1. Lolo Purple Mesh Headwrap
  2. Potion Purple Define
  3. Tender Violet Bangbuster
  4. Ultraviolet Bangbuster
  5. Power Purple Mesh Headwrap
 The same grouping rearranged (the pink in the left is Pow Pink):
  1. Potion Purple
  2. Power Purple
  3. Ultraviolet
  4. Tender Violet
  5. Lolo Purple
 1 - Potion Purple, 2 - Ultraviolet, 3 - Tender Violet, 4 - Lolo Purple, 5 - Jellybean Purple

Taken outside

This is taken inside in flourescent light: 
  1. Jellybean Spark Tank
  2. Concord Grape Tame Me Tank
  3. Tender Violet Bangbuster
  4. Lolo Purple Mesh Headwrap
  5. Potion Purple Define
 One more comparison: Tender Violet Bangbuster on bottom, Violaceous Dance Headband on the left, Dewberry Space Dye, Raspberry/Black Dance, and Raspberry (I think) on the right. One of those last two could be Orchid, I think. Anyway, they're all pinker than Tender Violet.