Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tender Violet and Creamsicle Pop Together

Now we start to get the flavor of the new palette. New Tender Violet Full Stride Skirt, Tender Violet two-tone LS Swiftly, and Creamsicle Pop Cool Racerback. I can get on board with this wild look, I think.

Full Stride Skirt and Creamsicle Pop Swiftly

Two more photos of the new Full Stride Skirt and Creamsicle Pop Swiftly SS tee.

The Latest Striped Power Y (Alberta Lake & Polar Cream) Plus a Micro Store Report

The Alberta Lake Green Macro Micro Stripe Power Y and Rose Herringbone Astros have hit Canada. I haven't seen it pop up in any US stores yet and it wasn't at my store today around noon.

Shown with a Pretty Pink Define and Bordeaux Astro Pants

Shown with the Crosstown Pant

The Polar Cream / Silver Half Macro Micro Power Y is also in Canadian stores.

New Bordeaux Breath of Fire Skirt

Shown with My Mantra Pant

Shown with Crosstown pant, Aphrodite Crops

I tried the new Heathered Coal In Stride Jacket on today. It's silky soft. If any of you remember Static Charcoal pants from a couple of years ago it feels a lot like that. I was very tempted to get it.

Polar Cream Scuba, Polar Cream/Silver Stripe Power Y and Bordeaux Wunder Unders. I tried these on today. I was tempted but they were a little sheer for me and a bit on the scratchy side.

I saw the new Tender Violet Bangbuster in the store. It's one of those lulu colors that glow. I like it but it seems familiar. I'll have to compare my headband to some of my other purples when it gets here tomorrow.

I also tried on the Bordeaux Studio Pants but I like the crops on me better than the pants. I actually ended up leaving the store without buying anything - the horror! I was really trying to buy something, too, since I have a ton of money from selling some of my older lulu on eBay this week.

Full Stride Skirt, Creamsicle Pop, and More

Photos of the new Full Stride skirt in the Tender Violet check, Creamsicle Pop Power Y and headband, and new Tender Violet two-tone SS Swiftly. These are all from Australia. However, the Power Y is in North America. Now that I think about it, Creamsicle Pop might look nice against Bordeaux so I may have to pick up a CRB in it.

Stylized photo showing the new Tender Violet Check Speed Shorts and Bangbuster.

The more I see the Heathered Coal In Stride Jacket, the more I like it. I still don't have a Stride/In Stride but I always see them around. Someday I'll put the trigger on one.

The new Black Swam lined Studio Pants shown with a Split Pea Bonded CRB.

The Bordeaux Star Runner LS shown with Pretty Pink Speed Shorts on top and the new Black Groovy Run shorts on the bottom.

Gray Swiftly SS and Pretty Pink Star Runner Pullover shown with the new Deep Coal / Bordeaux Inspires. I have two gray Swiftlys, one SS and one LS, but they look a lot better with black pants than the Deep Coal.

Coal / Fossil Denim Wunder Unders.

I think these are also Coal / Fossil Denim Aphrodite Crops. Bottom photo shown with the Presence of Mind Jacket. I'm reading this jacket is being marked down in the stores, even in the newest Bordeaux. I hope that means there is a new fleece jacket on the way.

More My Mantra Pant photos.

 Crosstown Pant shown with Angel Aphrodite Tank

Pigment Blue Groove Pants