Monday, September 24, 2012


Macro Micro Alberta Lake/Rose Herringbone Power Y
Tonight we got a major preview of the upcoming palette: Alberta Lake teal, Creamsicle Pop orange, Black Swan (maybe?), Tender Violet, Polar Cream, and a couple of prints/patterns - macro/micro stripe, half macro/micro stripe, and Rose Herringbone. I like Alberta Lake but hoping it comes in a solid.  As for the rest, I am not a big fan except for Tender Violet.

New print in Rose Herringbone Polar Cream with half macro micro stripe accent. This is kind of interesting and looks very old school lululemon to me. It reminds me of the prints that were out when I started first started buying the brand five years ago.

New Free to Be and Flow Y bras showed up in new Creamsicle Pop Orange. I am hoping an Energy bra is coming in this color but other than that don't particularly love it right now. This color reminds me a lot of Tang Light and seems more a summer color than a fall one.

New Black Rose Herringbone/Black Macro Micro Astro Pant Waistband. It's interesting that lulu is bringing back the Black Macro Micro print from last Fall. I really liked the pattern but only ended up getting the Cool Racerback in it. I love when they do echoes like this so you can tie older lulu into the latest.

Black Macro Micro Cool Racerback from last fall
New Power Y in Polar Cream Half Macro Micro Stripe.

Though this photo was for the bag we can see a new shirt has been revealed.

Many people are excited to see Black Swan Studio Pants. They're nice but I don't care for the lined version of the studio pants.

New My Mantra pant made of Vitasea/Oragnic Cotton Jersey. I bet these are super comfy.

I ended up ordering the Bangbuster in Tender Violet. I was toying with the idea of the Bordeaux Drama Scuba jacket but I will hold out hope we'll see a Scuba in solid Alberta Lake teal.

What did you all get?

Upload Preview

Just posted re: what's in the stores now: Tender Violet Bangbuster, Bordeaux with Pretty Pink trim Turbo Shorts, Pretty Pink SL, SS, LS Swiftlys, Bordeaux Tonka Stripe LS and SS Star Runner Swiftly. (Thanks to Ms. T. for the heads up.)

I am definitely ordering a Tender Violet Bangbuster though it's almost 2" narrower than previous ones.

New Speed Short Color - Pretty Pink/Bordeaux

New color combo in the Speed Shorts - Pretty Pink/ Bordeaux. There are also Turbo shorts in this same combo opposite color scheme - bordeaux with pretty pink trim. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

Celebs in Lululemon: Luciana Bozan Barroso (Matt Damon's Wife)

Damon and family in NYC
Check it out, Matt Damon's wife, Luciana Bozan Barroso, is wearing Studio Pants.

NEW! Cross Town Pant, Pretty Pink Star Runner PO, Bordeaux Scuba, and More

Man, the new Bordeaux Scuba is calling my name. It's a soft scuba and Pretty Pink on the interior.

Plum Scuba
I already have a Plum Scuba so don't really need a Bordeaux, too, but it's so pretty.....weakening.

Pretty Pink Star Runner Pullover with Bordeaux Fast and Free Crops

Photos of the new Pretty Pink Star Runner Pullover.

Cross Town Pant details

New Cross Town Pant and Bordeaux Tonka Stripe Star Runner LS. Can't say I love the Cross Town Pant in this photo but they'd probably look a lot better paired with  different top.

Some close ups of the Aphrodite crops. Shown with the Bordeaux Scuba and Pretty Pink Star Runner Pullover.

Bordeaux Fast and Free Crops.

Groovy Run Short Photos

A great series of photos showing multiple views of the Groovy Run shorts. The text points out that the rise is higher than Speeds or Turbos and the length is longer. (Thank to Mari for pointing these out.)

Studio Pant Price Going Up to $108 & Where Are The Reviews on the WMTM Section?

Some more photos of the new Pigment Blue Studio Pants. Shown with a Milky Way print top and the Perfect Layer SS Tee. Also, the price of the Studio Pant is going to be raised at $108.

Bonded Seam Speed Shorts

Light As Air Jacket

Post Surf Tee
Readers have noticed that reviews are missing from a number of items that went to the We Made Too Much Section. Since these items are final sale it would be nice to have information before committing to buy. For example, the Bonded Seam Speed Shorts got quite a few negative reviews for causing chafing in runners. Hopefully this is just a glitch. The worst case is that bad reviews were deliberately suppressed. You can always ask people here for their feedback or use the Search box on the right column to find archived comments about an item. The safest bet would be to assume people didn't buy them for a good reason and don't purchase until the reviews are restored. None of the deals on WMTM are that great, in my opinion.