Saturday, September 8, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I tried on the Star Runner LS today. I thought it fit on the snug side all over and if you were planning to layer something like a Swiftly LS underneath you might want to size up. I didn't really care for the epaulet-looking folds on the shoulders in the photos but in person I liked them. Since I have narrow, sloping shoulders I thought it added width to them. I like that this long sleeve has a zipper pocket in the back. I think that is a new feature for a lululemon long sleeve top, though the pullovers have had them forever. All in all, I liked the Star Runner LS a lot. I have a couple of Turn Around LS and four pullovers so I don't need one. However, if the right one popped up in Bordeaux or a Winter White I might decide I could use one more.

I also tried on the Star Runner Pullover. I thought this fit a roomy TTS. I didn't like this top nearly as much as the LS. The shoulders not only have the epaulet-looking things on top but also gathers where the sleeve meets the body so they poof up when your arms are not hanging straight down. I'm not a fan of poofs on the shoulders. The bust seams also hit me way too high. I think the mesh used on the Star Runners gets pulls in it very easily so I'd prefer running luon tops with the circle mesh. It's an okay running pullover but this is the first one of the season. Lululemon will come out with a few more.

I also made a point to try on the Bright At Night shorts since I noticed a lot of people running in them at the Disneyland Half Marathon. They are fairly new so to have such a noticeable presence must mean they are pretty good. I really liked them. I have a bedonkadonk rear and larger thighs and these were the lulu run shorts that fit me the best. I noticed a lot of women who ran in them at Disney had more athletic thighs so I was hoping they would work for me. I'm not quite ready to run in shorts this short yet but I'm hoping to get there by next summer. If the Speeds and Turbos have not worked for you definitely check out the Bright At Nights. They get good reviews on the website.

I ended up buying a pair of Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops. I thought these fit a little more relaxed in the waist than the Wren and Black ones I already own. I laid them on top of the Wren ones when I got home because I was convinced they were bigger. They weren't so I think the looser feeling was due to the waistband material being stretchier. Anyway, I think I am going to sell my Wren DSCs because I have more tops that will go with the Bordeaux.

I saw the Gust Buster vest when I was at the store. They only had a couple so I think they got an incomplete shipment. The fleece was kind of weird - like thick felt and not what I think of as fleece. The largest size they had was a six so I didn't bother trying it on. I think it's kind of pricey for $98 and I felt no lust to own it.

NEW! Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe Cool Racerback

Ugh! Another striped Cool Racerback is at strategic partner stores - Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe. Also shown is the Bordeaux Tonka Stripe Cool Racerback. I really hope these make it to regular stores and the on-line store. (Thanks to Ms. M for the photo.)

NEW! Whole Hearted Tank

New Tonka Flare Stripe Whole Hearted Tank, made of luxtreme light luon. It also comes in Milky Way print and Angel Tonka Stripe. I'm not sure but I think it comes with a built in bra. I will update when I know for sure. (Thanks to Ms. Q. for the photo.) <== It does have a built in bra.

Another photo of the Tonka Stripe Pigment Power Y. (Thanks to Ms. M.)