Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's In The Stores

Pretty Pink In Stride with a Currant Catch Me Tank underneath.

The Cashew Tonka Stripe Catch Me Tank with the Flare Pace Setter is the obvious combo but I'd like to see photos of this skirt paired with some other colors. Definitely the Bordeaux Catch Me but what else would you pair it with? Not Pigment because that reminds me of my college color scheme.

I like the peep of Cashew Tonka Stripe Catch Me Tank under the Flare Nothing But Run Jacket.

I like the Flare / Split Pea / Pigment combo in this photo. (Flare Nothing But Run Jacket, Pigment Bright At Night Shorts)

Perhaps one reason this top hasn't sold out super fast is that the bust seaming hits pretty high on the breast. Also, I'm personally not a huge fan of the look of the kangaroo pocket but maybe others like it. I also think this top is kind of busy with the mesh color blocking (in some colors) and all the seaming. It also could be it's just too hot yet to think about rulu tops - it certainly is here in Southern California. One of my favorite (and many other people's) rulu tops from last year was the Turn Around LS:

Perfectly simple - the Turn Around LS. I bought two

This photo illustrates where the reflectivity is on the Bright At Night crops. During the day you can keep the strip tucked under but at night you can flip up the hem to reveal it.

The men's new Sprint Zip is showing herringbone rulu. I wonder if that will make a comeback on the women's side, too. I really like the black herringbone Full Tilt Pullover I bought last year. It was thicker than a regular rulu pullover and different looking:

Last year's Full Tilt Pullover in Black Herringbone
I really like the clean lines of the men's Sprint Jacket. On the website the zipper looks very shiny and almost wet but it looks nice and matte in these photos.

Pretty Pink In Stride, Flare Pace Setter, and More

I've read comments that some ladies are experiencing Stride withdrawal.  This is a new In Stride in Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe. This is the same color/pattern that I saw last week in the store in a Ta Ta Tamer.

I've been waiting for some photos that the show true-to-life color of Flare to show up. All those I've posted to date of the Flare Nothing But Run Jacket make it look paler than it is in real life. Also shown is the new Flare Pace Setter skirt and the new Cashew Tonka Stripe Catch Me Tank.

Also shown Pigment Nothing But Run Jacket
Shown with Warrior Pant
Flare Pace Setter with Cashew Stripe Star Runner SS

More photos of the latest arrivals at the stores - Flare Pace Setter Skirt and the Cashew Tonka Stripe Catch Me Tank.

Nice montage of the Make A Break Jacket in Caspian Twisted Stripe.

Someone commented that the seaming on the Star Runner Pullover tends to minimize the bust and make it look smaller. Here is a bustier woman in it. It's tough to gauge the full effect with the top unzipped.

 Great side-by-side shots of the various views on the Running With My Homies Pant.

 Bordeaux Relaxed Fit Pants

Outfit idea - Cashew Stripe Calm Tee, Bordeaux Relaxed Fit Pant, and White (?) Cool Racerback

New Markdowns Added to Site

Some new markdowns were added to the site last night: Bordeaux Coco Softshell,Vinyasa Scarf, Run Like the Wind Hat, Tie and Fly Tank, Venus Tank, Light As Air Tunic, Nada Jacket, and a few more things. (Thanks to Pink Peony for pointing them out.)