Monday, September 3, 2012


Pretty New Bordeaux Keep On Running Duffel

It wasn't a huge upload after all. There are some interesting new items such as the fleece Gustbuster Jacket and Vest. Also, a limited edition poster for $40:

Anyone ordering the poster?
Nothing for me tonight. I'd like a Pigment Stripe or Bordeaux CRB if/when they come out. What did you all order?

Twinkle Emboss Black Keep On Running Duffel
 PS - Interesting new rain jacket hint in this photo. It looks like the white version is shown in the photo of the Bordeaux Keep on Running Duffel. I think I've heard this jacket is already at some stores.

Blues Comparison Photo

From left to right: Pigment, Sprinkler, Rocksteady, Porcelaine. (Thanks to Ms. J for the photo.)

Re: An upload tonight - I'm looking at our chat boards on Facebook and the consensus is there will be an upload tonight. There is supposed to be a gigantic upload coming but not sure if that will be tonight's or not.

Bordeaux Drama Define with Flare

Awesome combo - Bordeaux Drama Define with Flare Light Tonka Stripe Power Y and Astro Pants. I'm so tempted to go back and get a Flare Light Stripe CRB.

Angel Speed Squad Tank (spotted a few of these at the Disney Half yesterday) and Power Purple Running with my Homies crops.