Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Latest

Milky Way print Inspires shown with Milky Way Cool Racerback.

Milky Way Astro pants

The Pigment Cool Racerback looks really cute with the Milky Way 105F crops.

New Split Pea/Slub Denim Gather and Crow Crops

Photos of the Cashew/Black Tonka Stripe and Pretty Pink No Limit tanks.

I like this combo - coal tonka stripe calm ss tee, Bordeaux Wunder Under pants, and Eternal Leg Warmers.

 Milky Way Breath of Fire bra and skirt with Pigment Leg Warmers.

Flare/Cashew Tonka Stripe Pace Setter skirt, shown with a power purple define.

Aussie Heads Up - Pigment Catch Me Tank, Flare Pace Setter Skirt, Bonded (yuck!) CRBs in Angel (also Split Pea), Gray/Flare Speed Shorts, and Pigment Speed Squad Tank. Nothing that I want.

Relaxed Fit Pants, Studio Crops, and More

Hot Spell Bra and 105F Crops
Lots of gorgeous ladies in yoga poses popped up in the photos today so I have to use them.

More photos of the same woman, with the 105 F Singlet on top. It's been so hot here lately that I am very tempted but the 105F singlet but the deep armholes make me think it won't work for me. I am hoping to hit the store tomorrow but it might have to wait until Friday.

I like this combo a lot - the Bordeaux Drama 105F Singlet with BD Breath of Fire shorts. The second photo reveals the matching Pretty Pink/Bordeaux Drama Hot Spell bra underneath.

Paired with a white (top) and coal (bottom) Calm SS tee

Paired with the Milky Way Scoop Me Up Tank

Pigment Tonka Burnout Stripe Calm SS Tee with Pigment Relaxed Fit pants

The Bordeaux and Pigment Blue Relaxed Fit pants and crops are hitting the stores.

Shown with the Milky Way Power Y

Bordeaux and Pigment Studio Crops.

Check out the Flare Stripe waistband on the Grooves. Shown with the Angel Define

New Wunder Under waistband
Showing some new waistband colors - Flare Stripe on Grooves, quilted Boogie, and quilted Wunder Unders.