Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Headbands, Calm SS Tee, Arm Warmers, and More

I know it's unimaginative to lead off with a headband photo but I am intrigued by the Pigment/ Heathered Pigment Tonka Stripe one. I hope there is a Cool Racerback coming in this pattern.

Photos of the Eternal Arm and Leg Warmers

 Pigment Blue Cool Racerback and Cashew/Black Tonka Stripe Wunder Under Crops

The Black Hot Spell tanks looks nice with the Cashew Stripe Wunder Unders

Bordeaux Serenity Sweater, shown with the Cashew Wunder Unders in the top photos.

 White Serenity Sweater

Calm SS Tee in the Pigment and Cashew Stripes.

Heathered Angel Blue Define

 Milky Way Power Y and Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders. Bordeaux Drama Pirouette headband.

Milky Way Scoop Me Up tank, shown with Gather and Crow crops. Also show, Pigment Blue CRB and Milky Way Wunder Unders.

Hot Spell Bra, Breath of Fire Skirt, Shorts, and More

Hot Spell Bra with Milky Way Breath of Fire Skirt and Pigment Blue Eternal Leg Warmers.

Hot Spell Bra with the Hto Spell Shorts. Also shown are the Eternal Arm Warmers and 105F Singlet.

Hot Spell Bra and Breath of Fire Shorts.

Pigment Blue Cool Racerback and Milky Way Breath of Fire Skirt.

 Milky Way Speed Squad Skirt

Some great photos of the Breath of Fire Shorts.

105F Bra Outfits

These ladies make the 105F bra and shorts look good.

Shown with the 105F Milky Way crops

A couple of bustier women in the 105F bra.

 105F Bra

Breath of Fire skirt on the left, Breath of Fire shorts on the right

105F Bra paired with the Breath of Fire Skirt.

105F Bra with the Breath of Fire Shorts.

Hot Spell One Piece Photos

 For how much I disliked the Hot Spell One Piece on the LLL model, it really works for these ladies.