Thursday, August 23, 2012

More of the Latest

Currant and Angel Blue combos - Angel Swiftly LS with Currant Bright at Night Shorts and Currant Track Time Jacket with Angel Speed Shorts.

Shown with the Virtue Energy Pant
Shown with the Cashew/black Stripe Every Yogi LS
More photos of the Down Town Vest.

Rest Day Pullover, shown with the Virtue Energy Pant

Showing the details on the backside of the Warrior Pant
Flare Stripe Power Y shown with the Warrior Pant.

Views of the Virtue Energy Pant

 You can see the striped pattern in the Angel Catch Me Tank.

 Flare Scuba - I hear you calling my name. I love you with the pink.

I actually like the Presence of Mind Jacket a lot in this photo. I wonder if she sized up.

Down Town Vest and More

I just love the look of the Down Town Vest.

Flare Scuba, Pedal Power Jacket, Presence of Mind Jacket

The Daily Tank looks so cute with the Energy (or Free To Be Bra underneath it. I think they've fixed the too-long straps, too, because it fit just right when I tried it on in the store the other day.  Shown with the Warrior Pant.

Why Does Australia Get Size 12 Free To Be Bras and North America Doesn't?

I can't fathom why Australia/New Zealand gets the Free to Be bras up to size 12 but the North American side of the website only goes to a 10. I'm dying to order the Power Pink and Split Pea versions but I've tried the 10 and it just doesn't work for me. I've read of women using Australian friends to order the Free To Be in the 12 and then having it shipped to North America. I'm just not willing to spend that much to get one. I don't get it. The population of the US and Canada is ten times that of New Zealand/Australia. Why is lululemon missing this market opportunity? Keep them website only if you like, but please offer us the opportunity to buy it.

FYI - NEW We Made Too Much!

New Items have been Added to the We Made Too Much section.