Monday, August 20, 2012


Oooh! Some goodies tonight. I really like the look of the Down Town Vest. Thank goodness for my wallet I really don't need one in my climate.

I love the Bordeaux Drama Wunder Under pants.

Very interesting new bra design - the Breath of Fire. It has the front of the Lift and Separate and the back of the 50 Rep. I look forward to trying this on.

The Angel Blue No Limit Tank is very tempting.

The Flare Scuba is also tempting. Such a fun color.

I didn't get anything tonight. I am so overspent for the month it isn't funny. What did you all get?

Dewberry vs. Bordeaux Turbo Tanks

For a European reader trying to decide whether to add a Bordeaux Turbo tank to her Dewberry one.

Photos of the Latest and Mini Store Trip Report

New Catch Me Tank in the Angel Blue Tonka Stripe.

New Carry and Go french terry pants. I tried these on today. They are looser in the crotch, kind of like Free Fall crops. I thought the Tea Lounge pants were softer than these. Oh yes, I totally loved the Carry and Go Hoodie. I thought it fit a roomy true to size.

This new Turbo tank color is called Bordeaux Drama Tonka stripe. From eyeballing it at the store it looks a lot like the dark plum color used in the Sea Wheeze stuff.

Shown with the Running with the Homies crops
More photos of the new Turbo tanks. It's hard to tell but all of them are Tonka Stripe, except for the black.

Shown with Split Pea Inspire crops
More Track Time Jacket photos.

Photo of the new Tonka Stripe Light Flare/Heathered Light Flare Cool Racerkback. I tried this on today and was tempted to get it but it's so similar to the solid Flare I felt I could live without it. It's also a very soft Cool Racerback. I tried on the Heathered Angel Blue CRB and Heathered Split Pea Cool Racerbacks and they are soft CRBs, too. I thought the Heathered Split Pea was kind of see through - not really see-through but thin enough to tell whether you are wearing a dark bra underneath. I wore a black bra to the store and could see it the Split pea. I ended up going home with the Heathered Power Purple CRB I had intended to exchange for one of the new colors.

New Groove waistbands.

NEW! Turbo Tank Colors and More

Also pictured is the Track Time Jacket in White
New Turbo tanks in Angel Blue, Bordeaux Drama Deepest Cranberry Tonka Stripe, Split Pea and Black (not shown).

 The latest Cool Racerback to hit the stores - Light Flare/Heathered Light Flare Tonka Stripe (want!), Heathered Angel Blue, Heathered Split Pea.

The Heathered Power Purple Vinyasa Scarf

Comparison of Split Pea to Ray, Tree Frog, and Wild Lime

From left to right: Ray Scoop Me Up tank, Split Pea Scoop Me Up, Heathered Tree Frog Cool Racerback and Wild Lime Free to Be bra on the bottom.
Ray Scoop Me Up vs. Split Pea Scoop Me Up. Thanks to reader Yogibabe for these photos.