Friday, August 3, 2012

Spotted in Stores - Solid Currant Inspire Crops (Updated with Photo)

These aren't a photo of them, but there are solid Currant Inspire Crops in the stores in the US. As soon as I have a photo, I will post. Photo of the new Currant Inspire Crops. The inspires are darker than the Wunder Unders. (Thanks to Tiffany for this photo)

The Latest and Mini Store Trip Report

I like this photo since it shows how to mix and match the latest colors and prints. I bought a Power Purple Define Jacket today but I am at a bit of a loss as to what to pair with it to really make the color pop. I have the Bruised Berry Define and every color that looks good against Power Purple looks great against Bruised Berry. The exception is Angel Blue which seems to look really good against Power Purple. I do have three Angel Blue tops from the last time the color was out and three is kind of my minimum to justify a new jacket purchase. Power Purple is slightly darker than it was when it came out a few years ago. I compared the Define to an older Power Purple Deep V tank and a Mesh Headwrap headband I had and they are both lighter than the jacket. I like the color a lot but not sure I really need. The tags will stay on for a couple of weeks while I wait to see what else lulu puts out to pair with it.

This photo shows the Power Purple Define with the Ziggy Wee Caspian Cool Racerback. I tried on the X-long version of the CRB and liked the pattern a lot. It's a bit corporate looking but it's different. As some people have commented the Ziggy Wee fabric is very thick and heavy feeling. I don't think I would use the CRB for working out unless it was for a cold weather low-impact workout where I didn't have to worry about getting too hot. The fabric content on the Ziggy Wee Caspian CRB was 85% nylon, 15% lycra. I might get this CRB but only in a regular length CRB. I'm not a fan of the x-long version.

The Caspian In Stride Jacket is shown with the Blazer Fossil Cool Racerback. This CRB is one of the high poly-content CRBs. I think the mix was something like 94% polyester. This was also one of the thicker polyester cool racerbacks I've felt in awhile, probably similar to the Black Roses print, if any of you have that one.

The Currant In Stride is shown with the Ziggy Wee Grays print Cool Racerback. I tried that one on and the pattern is very subtle. If you like black patterns then this one is a good one. I have a ton of gray/black pattern tops so will pass on this.

 Photo of the Blazer Fossil Cool Racerback - one of the thicker polyester CRBs I've tried on in awhile. I liked it but didn't feel immediate lust to own it. My store (South Coast Plaza) also had the matching Bangbuster.

I tried on the Speed Squad tank. It runs big so size down it in. I like the back but the front just has too much material. The website says it's designed for run but I don't think I'd like all the excess material swishing back and forth as I ran. I think it's probably a good tank if you are expecting.

Photos of the Ziggy Wee Flare (got it right this time!) Cool Racerback. My store didn't get this color.

Love how the Currant In Stride looks with the Ziggy Wee Flare CRB in this photo. I wonder if there will be a re-release of the Currant Define. I passed on it last time but might need to add it to my collection. My son's soccer team colors are red and black so I could use a red jacket - lol.

New Groove shorts quilted waistband. That middle red in the top photo looks a bit darker to me - I think it might be Cranberry (or maybe Flare). Anyone see these shorts in person yet? Are there two or three red color blocks on them? The bottom photo makes it look like there are three reds. If there are I'm thinking they are Currant (for sure), Flare, and Cranberry. If there is a Cranberry Define I think I must get it.

Speaking of quilted waistbands, the new boogie shorts one has a block with a chevroned Power Purple pattern. I wonder if we'll see a Cool Racerback in this print (or maybe only the strategic partner stores will get it, not that I'm bitter about the dot Bruised Berry CRB or anything).

Two of the new colors in the Every Yogi LS - heathered Caspian and the Deep Indigo Stripe/Heathered Deep Indigo. I tried on the Currant Every Yogi LS and it was nice but $78 is just too expensive for a very plain long sleeved red shirt.

Showing up at the outlets - a Currant Venus tank. Just wanted to let you know in case you get all excited spotting this on ebay. It's a direct-to-outlet item.

Power Purple Define with the Caspian Stripe Pacesetter Skirt
Caspian Swiftly tank and the Caspian Stripe Pacesetter skirt. Also, Power Purple Define with the same Pacesetter. I bought the Caspian Swiftly tank today. I just love Swiftly tanks for running, indoors or outside. The boob sweat (TMI, I know) also seems to be less obvious in them than my silverescent tanks.

I was hoping to get my hands on the new Angel Energy bra but my store only received it to a size 8. Hopefully it's uploaded next week.

I believe these Inspires are only in Australia/New Zealand currently.

Be Me tee and Unity Pullover - not loving these at all.