Friday, July 27, 2012

NEW! Speed Squad Tank, Track Time Crop, and Photos of the Light As Air Tunic

New Speed Squad tank made of luxtreme. Shown in Currant. Because it's made of luxtreme, I'll give this a try but no really loving it from this photo.

New run crop called the Track Time Pant (?). Not sure why they are called a pant when they are a crop but maybe the store mislabled it.

The Light As Air Tunic has hit the stores. I know you guys have been waiting for this one.

Iconic Wrap

Caspian Scoop Me Up, Dense Purple Scuba, and More

Photo of the Caspian Blue Scoop Me Up tank. Shown with Currant Wunder Unders.

 Astro Wunder Unders are coming in the Blazer Fossil print.

A photo of the Black Sun Runner Hybrid.

Photo of the Dense Purple Scuba compared to a Majestic Purple Cool Racerback and Cuddle Up (I think) jacket. Thanks to Kate for the photo. From what I am reading the Dense Purple Scuba is gorgeous in person.

Iconic Wrap with Currant Wunder Unders

Inside of the Om bag.

I don't necessarily care for the pieces but I like the Pow/Pop Orange/Ray combo in these photos. Pow Sun Runner Hybrid, Ray Tank, Pop Orange Light As Air skirt.

This girl makes the Light As Air tank look pretty cute (from the from anyway). Shown with the Mirage Light As Air skirt.