Friday, July 20, 2012

NEW! Run: Catch Me Tank and Discover Crops

New luxtreme tank called the Run: Catch Me in Caspian Blue and Power Purple. The one fit report I've read said it's a size down item. It also has a sticky hem to keep it from riding up. (Thanks to Ms. A for the photos.)

Also, new hybrid Discover Crops made of luon with luxtreme side panels. I'm kind of excited to try these on. One of my favorite crops are the Hill Crops which have a luon backside and luxtreme front side. I like the coverage of the luon but the extra breathability of luxtreme.

Letter From A Lulu Ambassador - Followup

Just wanted to let you all know that the author of the letter I posted yesterday received a phone call today about her letter. Here is her account of the conversation:

I just got a personal phone call from the Product Development TEAM at lululemon. With a personal apology for the issues of the last several months - several times over. AND, the commitment that we will see a corporate communication posted to all guests in the next few days acknowledging the quality issues that they have been experiencing with apologies to guests and a commitment to resolving them.

I find this encouraging. I'm looking forward to hearing what lulu has to say.

Also, for what it is worth, I've asked around and the Ivivva products are not having the same quality issues. In fact the same person who wrote the letter has two young daughters who bought Flash and Paris Pink items from Ivivva and experienced no bleeding.

More of the Latest

Pow Stride, Pow Define, Ray Swiftly, and Caspian Blue Swiftly.

 The new No Limits - Capsian, Pow, and White/Blazer Fossil.

I cannot get over how cute the Trinity Bra looks on some women. It even looks bad on the lulu  model but when it works it's really nice. I think it's great if you want to wear a bra by itself but want more coverage than most other lulu bras. Shown with the Hot N Sweaty Some Like It Hot shorts.