Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dash Tights, Trinity Bra, Headbands, and More

Still in Australia - Indigo/Mirage Dash Tights and the back pocket detail.

The Trinity Bra is coming in Pop Orange. Also, white, black, Pow, and Blazer Fossil print. I wish they'd make the Ta Ta Tamer in Pow and Pop Orange.

The bow Pretty Pirouette headbands look cute on these ladies. Also, a peek at the inside of the Mirage Good Fortune bag.

 Pow Dart and Dash shorts are coming.

 Cute Pow/Mirage Astro pants.

So tempted to get yet another Swiftly headband in Pow. Shown with the Venus tank.

Photo of the Flash and Pow No Limit Tanks side by side. (Thanks to Michelle for the photo.)

PS - I put this in a comment to a previous post but rumor is lulu is going back to the diamond gusset on their bottoms.

No Limit Tanks, Pow Stride, Trinity Bra, and More

Photos of the Caspian Blue No Limit Tank. I'm reading that the No Limits should show up in the next upload.

Shown with Ebb and Flow crops

Shown with the Hot N Sweaty Short

Pow No Limit Tank. The bra portion is very soft and stretchy so some people are sizing down in this one. I wore it for a large part of yesterday and the straps were a bit scratchy compared to my other NLTs.  If you bought an Aruba No Limit tank the Pow fit is similar.

White/Blazer Fossil No Limit. (also the Pow NLT)

 Black No Limit Tank, shown with Ebb and Flow Crops

Some Trinity Bra photos. It looks good on these women. It did not look nearly as good on me though I thought it was comfortable.

The Pow Stride is starting to hit the stores. Be sure to check the stitching and make sure it's symmetrical on both sides of the zipper. I've seen a photo where the collar and lulu symbol were misaligned.

Cute combo - Black Swiftly and Caspian Sun Sprinter Shorts.

Currant Swiftly LS and SS have shown up on the website.

I didn't realize there was a flower in the Mirage print.

Scratch Gap Fit Off Your List of Alternative Athletic Wear

FYI - Photo of a "ray" Gap tee that picked up color from a lulu Alarming Commit tank. That tank was not a bleeder. Supposedly Gap and lulu use the same factories and fabric suppliers. There have been problems with lulu's Ray items drawing the color out of older lulu items that never had bleeding issues. (Thanks to Karin for the photos.)

Letter From a Lulu Ambassador

A great heartfelt letter from a two-time lululemon ambassador that perfectly describes lulu fans' feelings about the recent drastic decline in quality. This was part of an exchange with the GEC about a skirt that bled. My purpose in publishing it here is the hope that it gets viewed higher in the lululemon corporate structure than the first level GEC employee it was sent to:

Please understand that my frustration is not based on a single skirt that has had colour transfer issues; it extends to the $500 worth of flash-coloured merchandise I bought my daughter that has bled all over her other clothes, the new XL CRB that is sheer, the many new products that I have tried on that are made with such thin luon that it is see-through, the poor seaming issues.

This is not the lululemon brand that I know and love, and while it may not seem apparent, my comments are made with the hope that this feedback will encourage your corporate office to re-think their current supply chain strategies. I have been your brand's biggest champion in my community, including serving as a lululemon ambassador. I have done so because of my sincere belief in the company, its philosophy, and the technical superiority of its products. When students asked why I wore lululemon, I would show them the features of the products, and explain that while they were more expensive than other brands, they were the best-performing products I had ever worn.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Isolated quality issues have ballooned into a widespread lack of quality in many products over the past six months. Perhaps most disheartening has been the corporate response to customer complaints, which has placed blame entirely on customers with ridiculous excuses like the pH of an individual's sweat causing bleeding. If only lululemon had chosen to step up and be accountable in a transparent way, many customers would not have reached the point of frustration that they are now at. I know many customers (including myself) whose purchases have declined dramatically precisely because of the issues and the near disdain being shown loyal customers.

This also places me in an incredibly difficult ethical position: how can I continue to be associated with a brand that produces sub-par gear and refuses to acknowledge its responsibility to its customers? In good conscience, I cannot. I have been hoping (in vain) that this situation would change, as I am loathe to end my relationship with my local store. The Store Manager and Educators here are hard-working, enthusiastic, responsive, and just generally great people. They do not deserve to be penalized for policies and practices that they have no control over. And yet, they are. By refusing to be openly accountable, corporate lululemon is showing disrespect to its front-line employees in the same way that they are disrespecting customers.

I would welcome a return to lululemon's standard of excellence, and would be pleased to champion this brand again should I see evidence of such.

-- A lululemon ambassador